Weather Guard DEFENDER SERIES Full Standard Saddle Box (Uncoated) - 300105-9-01

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  • Weather Guard | Part Number: W/G300105-9-01
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


Delivers heavy-duty security with two hook loop strikers and dual stage rotary latches.Provides professional durability with four-piece welded construction putting strength where it is needed most.Classic weather resistance from full weather seal with D-shaped ribbed weather stripping.Tamper-resistant push button locks - drill resistant through key hole.Heavy-duty pry resistance with C-channel reinforced welded lid construction and reinforced front body panel.Dual gas strut supported lid with protective sleeves.Includes sliding small parts tray.Built-in compartments on either side of the box provide quick access to a tool or flashlight.The one-touch push button locks pop open the box easily even when your hands are full of tools.Special crimp-free and drill-free mounting brackets are included to easily secure the box to the truck without having to drill into or bend the pickup bed.Welded aluminum channels keep the cover closing evenly so both latches engage - no having to walk around to the other side of the truck to make sure that the cover is fully latched.Fits full-size pick-up trucks.Seven Year Warranty.

Customer Reviews

2.0 2.0
8 Customer ratings
1.0 Corrosion

I bought this product and within two week the entire surface of the tool box began to corrode.

4.0 New truck = New Tool Box

I bought this box a week ago, I have high hopes that it will be as good as the WeatherGuard tool box I bought 20 years ago. I can only hope.. Still have and use the 20 year old today. It seems the old box was built a little stronger, the welds are a lot better and the metal is stronger. The new box has some bad welds and the inside metal is thinner. Also the old box has a metal sliding tray that will lock to one side, where as the new one is plastic and won’t lock in place like the old one. We will see how it performs.

from Texas |
3.0 Not what I expected.

It’s an overall nice box but the weld burns into the aluminum are a bit excessive and I expected the lid to close a bit nicer than it does for a 500 dollar toolbox.

from Goochland, Virginia |
2.0 Lid seals good.

I bought this on 6-20-2019. It's starting to get check marks in the aluminum. I bought it over a cheaper farm and fleet brand thinking it would last longer. Not satisfied.

from Paw paw IL |
1.0 Weatherguard toolbox Locks

All of my tools got stolen of this toolbox. Come to find out The weatherguard toolbox opens up with one of my forklift keys, weatherguard should be making a better locking mechanism product for something that costs 1k+

from California |
3.0 Needs improvements

This is the first WG box I have owned and is nice. I love the locks and easy up top. There are some issues that could improve it. The struts could be placed differently to make for more room. The bolts that hold the back tie down rings protrude too far into the box, an elevator bolt could be used from the inside and the nut could be on the outside. The tray is flimsy. I have another manufacturer box on my other truck that is roomier.

from VA |
1.0 Easy to steal from

Here is a photo of someone, not me, opening up my locked truck box. It took him 5 seconds. I think he had his own key, or some kind of shaved key. I’ve been told, correct me if I’m wrong, that there aren’t that many different keys, to begin with. For the price paid, I would expect more security.

from Oakland, CA |
1.0 Junk

Weather gaurd needs to take their name off this before it ruins their reputation. This is essentially the "competetors" box that everyone gets a weather guard to get away from. The lid is flimsy and the lock takes a while to figure out. It should not be called a weather guard.

from Alabama |

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