Warn Semi Hidden Mounting Kit - 103209


  • Warn | Part Number: WAR103209
  • Style:Truck & SUV
  • Fitment:Direct Fit


Conceal your pulling power behind a Semi-Hidden steel bumper designed to provide aggressive, yet understated, front-end protection that won't clash with the look of the original equipment.

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11 Answered questions

Q: My 2018 Tundra has a block heater plug. It will need to be relocated if I install a Warn semi hidden bumper. Have you done this before? Answer this question

A: No mention of the block heater plug. Just that this product may interfere with driver assist systems such as adaptive cruise control and parking assist systems that have sensors or cameras installed in the bumpers or front grill area. If your vehicle is equipped with any of these systems or features, consult your vehicle owner’s manual before installing this product. These systems may need to be disabled as a result of installing this product.

Answered by Dave from 4WP HQ on 04/05/2022

Q: Some Tundras have a sensor in the middle of the grill (TSS; Toyota Safety Sense) that’s used for cruise control. None of the pictures here or on Warn’s website show the sensor, so I’d like to know if the “grille guard tube” sits below the sensor? Answer this question

A: Not sure the year, but if your truck has its sensors in the corner you should be fine. The SEMI HIDDEN KIT will fit: 2014-2020 TOYOTA TUNDRA - PN: WAR103209

Answered by Dave from 4WP HQ on 02/02/2022

Q: Your site says this will not fit a 2021 Tundra TRD PRO. But Warn's site says it does. Is it that you need to update the page or should I be concerned about fitment? Answer this question

A: Our site says it does fit the 2021 Tundra TRD PRO. Warn Semi Hidden Mounting Kit - PN: WAR103209

Answered by Dave from 4WP HQ on 12/09/2021

Q: Will this fit a 2020 Toyota Sequoia?  I have read Tundra bumpers will work. Answer this question

A: Warn does not have any fitment info on the Sequoia’s unfortunately, we can only state that these fit the Tundra from 2014-2021 without the TSS (Toyota Safety Sense).

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 09/03/2021

Q: what included in the package? Answer this question

A: Hidden winch mount and front-end protection in one package. Winch sold separately.

Answered by Dave from 4WP HQ on 09/03/2021


In 1948, Arthur Warn founded Warn Industries to construct locking hubs for surplus World War II Jeeps. Ten years later, the Warn winch was manufactured to fill the need for a reliable recovery tool to aid off-roaders stuck in challenging situations. Since then, Warn has grown to offer a wide range of gear with the hallmarks of durability and affordability. 1988 spawned the aftermarket industry's first ATV winch and today their PowerSports line of winches ranks among the most esteemed in the industry and jeepers call on Warn for electric, hydraulic and severe duty components that get the job done. Shop Warn Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 2021 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition  
  • 2021 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2021 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro  
  • 2021 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2021 Toyota Tundra Nightshade  
  • 2021 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2021 Toyota Tundra Trail  
  • 2020 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2020 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition  
  • 2020 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro  
  • 2020 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2020 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2019 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2019 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2019 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2019 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2019 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition  
  • 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro  
  • 2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition  
  • 2018 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2018 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2018 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2018 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2017 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition  
  • 2017 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2017 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2017 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2017 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2017 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro  
  • 2016 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro  
  • 2016 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2016 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2016 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2016 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition  
  • 2015 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition  
  • 2015 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2015 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2015 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2015 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro  
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra SR  
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5  
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra Platinum  
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra Limited  
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition