Warn Premium Manual Locking Hub Kit, Chrome 28761


  • Warn | Part Number: WAR28761
  • Spline:26 Splines
  • Finish:Chrome
  • Knob Material:Metal
  • Fitment:Direct Fit


The WARN Premium Hub is a no-compromise hub designed for the hardcore off-roader or truck owner who will accept nothing less than the industry standard in performance. The all metal construction and Zink Aluminum Alloy dial ensure years of reliable functioning. This dial requires a full 9/10ths of a turn to ensure positive engagement of the inner drive gear to the clutch ring. To make sure they stay engaged, WARN premium hubs use a thick internal wave spring and heavy dial detents. We know our premium hubs will be used hard, so we build them to last. We're so confident, that all WARN hubs are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

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Question & Answers

5 Answered questions

Q: Will these work on a 1992 Daihatsu Rocky Answer this question

A: This Warn Industries Premium Manual Locking Hub has 26 splines and is sold in pairs. Fits Toyota - 86–95 - Pickup, Hilux, 4-Runner, with ADD, | 93–99 - T100, | 93–99 - T100, W/ADD, | 86–92 - Van, Previa, | 98–01 - Hilux Int’l with Torsion bar susp.

Answered by Dave from 4WP HQ on 09/08/2021

Q: 2014 Ford E350 Econoline Sportsmobile custom 4WD conversion - Should the manual hubs (Warn #38826) only be in the lock position when in 4WD or can they be left in when driving in 2WD ?. Does the speed of travel matter - in vs out ?. Equipped with Atlas II Transfer Case. Answer this question

A: Sir, You could drive high speeds with them locked in but then your front drive shaft will be rotating and reducing fuel economy but you wont hurt anything. Hope that helps thanks for the question.

Answered by RK on 04/01/2015

Q: Does this hub assembly fit a 1999 ford f250 super duty 4x4? Answer this question

A: Hello That hub will not fit your truck below are the two numbers that will. There are two hub's made by Warn for your F250 the standard hub part number is WAR11690 and the premium hub number is WAR38826

Answered by Rody on 09/17/2014

Q: Will these Hubs match my 95 4runner ? Answer this question

A: Hello sebastian, Thank you for the question. Yes, this hub will fit your vehicle application.

Answered by RK on 06/27/2014

Q: are these sold in pairs Answer this question

A: Kyle- Thank you for your question. Yes the Warn Premium Manual Locking Hubs by Warn are sold as a pair.

Answered by Mike on 02/19/2014


In 1948, Arthur Warn founded Warn Industries to construct locking hubs for surplus World War II Jeeps. Ten years later, the Warn winch was manufactured to fill the need for a reliable recovery tool to aid off-roaders stuck in challenging situations. Since then, Warn has grown to offer a wide range of gear with the hallmarks of durability and affordability. 1988 spawned the aftermarket industry's first ATV winch and today their PowerSports line of winches ranks among the most esteemed in the industry and jeepers call on Warn for electric, hydraulic and severe duty components that get the job done. Shop Warn Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 1998 Toyota T100 Base  
  • 1998 Toyota T100 SR5  
  • 1997 Toyota T100 Base  
  • 1997 Toyota T100 DLX  
  • 1997 Toyota T100 SR5  
  • 1996 Toyota T100 Base  
  • 1996 Toyota T100 DLX  
  • 1996 Toyota T100 SR5  
  • 1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1995 Toyota T100 DX  
  • 1995 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1995 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1995 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1995 Toyota T100 Base  
  • 1995 Toyota T100 SR5  
  • 1995 Toyota T100 One-Ton DLX  
  • 1994 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1994 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1994 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1994 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1994 Toyota T100 Base  
  • 1994 Toyota T100 SR5  
  • 1994 Toyota T100 DX  
  • 1993 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1993 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1993 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1993 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1993 Toyota T100 Base  
  • 1993 Toyota T100 SR5  
  • 1993 Toyota T100 One-Ton  
  • 1992 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1992 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1992 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1992 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1991 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1991 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1991 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1991 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1990 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1990 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1990 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1990 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1989 Toyota 4Runner DLX  
  • 1989 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1989 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1989 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1988 Toyota 4Runner DLX  
  • 1988 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1988 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1988 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1988 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1988 Toyota Pickup SR5 Turbo  
  • 1987 Toyota 4Runner DLX  
  • 1987 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1987 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1987 Toyota Pickup Base Turbo  
  • 1987 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1987 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1987 Toyota Pickup SR5 Turbo  
  • 1986 Toyota 4Runner DLX  
  • 1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5  
  • 1986 Toyota Pickup Base  
  • 1986 Toyota Pickup Base Turbo  
  • 1986 Toyota Pickup DLX  
  • 1986 Toyota Pickup SR5  
  • 1986 Toyota Pickup SR5 Turbo  


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