VIAIR 450PA Automatic Portable Air Compressor Kit - 45043

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  • VIAIR | Part Number: V/A45043
  • Duty Cycle:100 Percent @ 100 psi
  • Maximum Air Pressure:150 PSI.
  • Amp Draw:16 to 25 Amps
  • Voltage:12 Volt
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


This compressor can run for hours at a time without needing to be rested when run to pressures under 100 PSI. The 450-P Automatic comes with automatic shutoff function, when air is not being pumped into a tire and the units air line contains 150 PSI. The 450P-Automatic comes with a close-ended gas station-style air gun for added convenience.


Happy I bought the automatic version.

I agonized for some time about where to mount a compressor permanently. I'm happy with the portable decision. More versatile and protected from the elements. Setup is quick and only downside to portable unit is storing the hot unit after using.

from Florida |

Easy to use and extremely durable!

from Denver, CO |
Works great!

I bought this to air up my tires after off roading in my Ford Raptor, and haven't been dissapointed with it yet! The carrying bag is probably my favorite feature, as it keeps all the gear together and dust free. Connecting the unit is as easy as it gets, and the air up times are respectable. To air up my 4-36" tires from 32psi. to 45psi., takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on how often you check the pressure and how good the seal is. The included tire chuck/pressure guage is good, not great, as it can be slightly off a few psi. plus or minus. I also found the 90 degree locking chuck, requires a bit of finger strength to lock onto the valve stem. Not a major complaint by far, just a little hiccup on a great product. I've currently replaced the included chuck with a more accurate, digital unit, that's also easier to attach to the tire. However, I still keep the original with the kit, just in case. The biggest complaint I have, is that it can get really HOT!! Even after just 4 tires, the compressor body can be too hot to touch. If you're not careful, you could give yourself a pretty righteous blister. Overall, a great product and I would definitely buy from VIAIR and 4 Wheel Parts again!

from Stockton, CA |
Quality Construction. "Automatic" is a +

Very quiet for a compressor. Powerful. Yes its big, but construction appears to be excellent. DC power cord just makes it to the ground from the battery, but the air hose is long enough to reach all tires on an SUV. Problem is the gauge seems to not be calibrated out of the box. Tested against separate air pressure gauges I have, I noted that the gauge had to read 45psi for tires to show 36psi. That is a huge difference (yes the test was with the air off).

from Chapel Hill, NC |
Excellent Compressor Kit

Nice kit, powerful compressor and comes with standard air fittings that fit all my existing air tools. Purchased a small die grinder with cutting wheels for emergency use and this comprssor holds its own, although a small air storage tank would definately be helpful.

from Stanwood, WA |
outstanding unit for the money

We use this to aireat a five hundred gal. fish release tank, works great.

from PdC WI 53821 |
Very Good Portable Compressor

This little compressor is well built and easy to use. On a typical Jeep trip we have between 5 and 10 Jeeps and not all of them have OBA. I manage to fill a few tires at the end of the day. My 450P has always worked great. It can't compete with the York's OBA, but it does well. I typically will fill 12 or 16 tires in less 1min per tire (15 to 28lbs). The 100% duty cycle makes this compressor a required tool for all off roaders.

from So. Cal |
Viair 450P-A.

It works great

from Southern Cal |
Works Great

Use Every Trip... Fastest fill i've used with out having a head tank or build-in system... Discharge on compressor puts out alot of heat after four 35's on a warm day... Can burn/injure if not properly handled... May need a few mins of cool time before storing... Very Pleased and worth the money

from Goodyear AZ |
You get what you pay for.

This compressor is ideal for airing up your tires after a day of 4 wheeling. You can inflate a set of 35's in minutes and be on your way. The heavy duty design and carrying case allows it to take lots of abuse while bouncing around in the back of your Jeep.

from Loveland, CO |

Question & Answers

1 Answered question

Do you know how long the battery clamp connectors are,

Asked by Kevin from San Diego, ca. on

Hello Kevin and thank you for your question! VIAIR 450PA Automatic Portable Air Compressor Kit should come with 5' battery leads.

Answered by Nick from San Diego, ca. on


When you're looking for compressors and air accessories for the off-road market, VIAIR is a vital air source for Jeeps running onboard air systems or portable compressors. 4WD has an extensive lineup of VIAIR products and accessories like pressure gauges, air filters and airline fittings. Operate air tools, inflate intertubes, balls and other sports gear, and of course, re-inflate tires after a day on the trails with reliable VIAIR products. Compressors draw various amps with different PSI working pressures to fill bigger tires quickly and hassle-free. VIAIR's constant duty onboard air system for Jeeps offers a 100% duty cycle with all the necessary components to keep your wheeling adventures aired-up and safe. Shop VIAIR Now


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