Trasharoo Off-Road Spare Tire Trash Bag - GEN2BLACK

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  • Trasharoo | Part Number: CTPGEN2BLACK
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  • There is not a single one of us against the "Tread Lightly" philosophy, and many of us pack up our own trash. But how many of us pick up trash when we see it? Or, how often do we end up with some nasty burrito or sandwich wrapper in the Jeep and end up smelling it for the rest of the trip? Trash should be kept outside where we can not smell it, or drip on interior parts. There should be more than enough room in a trash bag for what you bring and what ever you might find and want to pick up on the trail. The hassle of hanging a X-gallon hefty bag off the back of your Jeep that doesn't work well, one bump and its gone. Or, the old style canvas bags that many of us are fond of flop around damaging paint, and sometimes dropping more trash then they hold. The solution to all these problems is....TRASHAROO

    Imagine the scenario: You pull over for a burger and fries while you're cruising and realize you don't have a garbage bag handy. Ah, well, you'll toss it next stop. However, hours and days pass and suddenly you realize that the cab of your vehicle reeks of onion and bad mayo — and that you've realized that the next stop has come and gone many times over by now.

    Rather than let trash pile up and stink up your rig, check into buying a Trasharoo bag. These handy, durable bags are made for the specific purpose of cleaning up trash in your car, and one of the best parts is that you have the option to use yours as a spare tire trash bag. That means that the bag clips securely over the spare tire of your vehicle, eliminating any smells and keeping all passengers inside happy. Double-stitched buckles and straps attach firmly to your vehicle's spare tire and keep the bag firmly closed, holding it in place and preventing your trash from flying down the freeway.

    Keeping Garbage In and Moisture Out

    Water &
  • waste products are no match for your Trasharoo bag. Crafted to hold up to 50 pounds and made from tough water-resistant canvas, don't worry about opening your trash bag after driving in the rain to find it soaked through
  • the interior coating is also built to repel water and keep everything inside dry and moisture-free. A Trasharoo bag is also one of the best camping gear accessories you can have on hand since it is built sturdy enough to also keep any curious critters from getting inside.

    4 Wheel Parts is as passionate about keeping your rig healthy as you are. Whether you're searching for the best spare tire trash bag, air fresheners or anything else related to your car, let 4 Wheel Parts be your one-stop-shop.

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Trasharoo should come as standard equipment.

Everyone with an off-road vehicle that has the capability to mount one of these should have one. Very well made and extremely useful. Do yourself and Mother Nature a favor and get one.

from Rio Rancho, New Mexico |


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