TeraFlex 3 Inch Lift Coil Springs, Front, Black, Pair of 2 - 1853202


  • TeraFlex | Part Number: TER1853202
  • Fitment:Direct Fit


The JK Wrangler comes from the factory with a pre-determined amount of front rake (the front end sits lower than the rear about 1.5 inch). We have designed our front coil springs to eliminate this factory rake. This means that a lift kit after installation when measured & compared to factory measurements will be lifted more in the front than the rear, to level out the vehicle. In addition, we estimate that additional aftermarket components will be added to the vehicle (such as a winch, bumpers, racks and larger spare tire). We attempt to have our suspensions sit at or close to the advertised lift height with all of the aftermarket components included on the vehicle. This means that each vehicle may not perfectly match the specified lift height. Please take this into consideration when measuring the actual lift height that you achieve with our JK suspensions. We also offer a wide range of leveling spacers to adjust the JK ride height to suit your unique requirements. Note that 2 door JKs will experience about 1 inch of additional lift than the 4 door JKs with the same lift springs.


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I have the 2.5" teraflex lift with shocks on my 2013 jk unlimited and I have a warn bumper and winch and the front sits lower. If I were to install these springs would they bring the front end up? And I think the shocks that came with the lift will work with the springs. Is this so? One more thing if I do go with the front springs do I have to get the back ones also ? Thx

Asked by part time from Phoenix AZ on

Yes you can run these with what you have or buy a spacer to put on top of your front coils. You don't need to do anything to the rear.

Answered by Morgan from Phoenix AZ on

I have a 4 inch lift on my jk, I need new coil springs asap. I've never bought coil springs before.. Would these add 3 inches of lift on top of my 4 inch, or are they made for a jeep with a 3 inch lift?

Asked by JKResistance from Indiana on

JK- Thanks for the question. The TeraFlex 3 Inch Lift Coil Springs are designed to replace your original springs. This will yield 3 inches of lift over your stock height. If your current lift uses a spacer then it would add to the lift.

Answered by mike from Indiana on


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