Super Swamper 34x10.50-15LT Tire, LTB - LTB-07

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  • Super Swamper Tires | Part Number: SSTLTB-07
  • Style:LTB
  • Tire Width:10.5
  • Tread Type:Mud Terrain
  • Tire Height:34
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Rim Diameter:15 Inches


What is the Super Swamper LTB? The Super Swamper LTBs are in the same basic Three Stage Lug design as the famous Super Swamper TSLs but a little more aggressive. The large lug is offset more to the outside which gives the tire superb traction. It is in bias ply construction which allows for the more aggressive lugs and very strong sidewalls to better resist the rigors of hard off-roading. The bias construction reduces the chances of sidewall splitting when run off road at low air pressure. There are many sizes available that are not available in the regular TSL line. **TREAD DESIGN MAY DIFFER BY SIZE**

Customer Reviews

4.6 4.6
11 Customer ratings

Great tread pattern. perfect for my FJ62. clears on a one inch lift no problem. skinny tires are an animal in the mud and on skidder trails. would have given it a 5 but had a small stick go through the side wall in the first 30min of driving. good thing i had a spare

from new hampshire |
Best mud tire I have ever owned!

I have the 34x10.5x15 on a jeep cherokee. I have been wheeling these tires for 2 years, and they are the perfect size for stock jeep axels. I could not be happier with these tires. I have a friend with 33" boggers and he gets cought up more than I do. This is how ever a tire for off road. They will drive on the street, I've driven them about 3000 miles on the street and they have worn very little and very even. I would not rocommend them for a daily driver.

from Des moines, IA |
"I would buy this product again"

This is a great tire for the price. I will recommend this tire to friends and family who enjoy 4wheeling and getting into mud as i do.

from Espanola New Mexico |

I bought the Super Swamper 34/10.50-15LT, LTB from and am very pleased with this tire. I usally only drive the truck I put them on during the weekends to the lake or to the mudd hole. There were guys with same size tire and bascially same style truck and they couldn't get through some of the holes, I had no problem with, actually barely spun a tire a few times. The tire is very aggressive[...]

from North Mississippi |
Great tire and great price.

Off road and trail riding. Great traction in the soupy stuff. There very light for there size and measure up pretty well to there advertised hight. If you were to drive them on the street they howl pretty bad since there not radials.

from Naples, Florida |
Great Tire but took forever to get them

Tires are just like the TSL's but slight adjustments to where the outside knobs are. be ready to wait though took almost 4 weeks to get mine

from Salinas, Ca |
GREAT off road, good on road

I have these in 34x10.50 on my YJ, which is a semi-daily driver. I drive 40 miles round trip to work on them and they are not noticeably louder than my old worn-out BFG mudders, but significantly better in the dirt and mud. Being new definitely has something to do with that but these tires just won't let go. I was hesitant to run bias ply tires since I do a lot of road driving, but so far they have been great. I wanted something skinnier than I had, and these were the best I came up with. The narrow width definitely helps with gas mileage (ha!) and traction on pretty much everything except rocks. The lugs on these tires are HUGE. Especially the outside ones. I'm talking kid-fist size. Makes for a tad bumpy ride at highway speeds but I have them at 30 psi for the street. Lowering the pressure a bit should soften up the ride. I've never driven a Jeep WITHOUT mud tires, so I can't compare them to street tires but I think it's safe to say these will NOT perform anywhere near as well on the road as a radial all-terrain or other less-aggressive tire. But if you're used to big noisy mud tires, these won't bother you one bit. It's only been a month or so so I can't comment on the tread life, although I hear it's pretty bad. 15-20k is what I've been told to expect. For the price I don't think that's too horrible.

from Tacoma, wa |


Question & Answers

1 Answered question

Do they come in sets of 4 or are they individually sold?

Asked by Victoria from United States on

Hello Victoria, Thank you for asking. The Super Swamper Tires 34x10.50R15LT, LTB can be sold individually if you only need one. You can buy how ever many you need.

Answered by Robert from United States on


The Super Swamper Tires off-road line includes the Super Swamper M16 tire, with 24 sizes, the Narrow Super Swamper, with 3 sizes, and the Super Swamper Radial which comes in 42 sizes. Super Swamper Tires are unusually round. So they work well on the trail but are still able to give a smooth ride on the pavement. The tires have six tread piles which cushion the bumps and shakes of the road. They also have low rolling resistance so they won't tax fuel economy. And up to 35 miles per hour they are not any louder than everyday tires. Super Swampers are manufactured by the Iterco Tire Corporation, known for making killer off-road tires for rock crawling (IROK), mudding (The Bogger) and tough trail running (TSL/SX). Shop Super Swamper Tires Now


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