Super Swamper 33x10.50-15LT Tire, TSL Bogger - B-126

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  • Super Swamper Tires | Part Number: SSTB-126
  • Style:TSL Bogger
  • Tire Width:10.5
  • Sidewall Lettering:Black Side Wall
  • Tread Type:Mud Terrain
  • Tire Height:33
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Rim Diameter:15 Inches


The Super Swamper Bogger is built primarily for the professional mud Bogger. The tire is versatile, D.O.T. approved and street legal. Easy to modify for the cut, open, and pro stock classes. A new design for a new generation of competition performance. With its unmistakable looks, the Super Swamper Bogger gives any vehicle a distinctive look.



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For the Bogger what is the weight difference between 33" tires at 10.5", 11.5", and 12.5" widths (all 15" rims)? Same question for the Goodyear MTR. I currently have Goodyear MTR 33x12.50-15 that need replacing soon (tread getting low) and wondering how much it might improve on-road acceleration to go to skinnier tires of the same 33" height. I don't off-road as frequently as I would like but what's your opinion on off-road performance with the skinnier tires. I mostly crawl in Texas hill country in dry conditions. Occasional mud pits if I can find them. I don't care about tire noise - it's a plus :-) I have a 1998 Jeep TJ Sport, 4.0l with 5-speed manual, stock transfer case, Dana 44 rear with trac-lok, 2" coil spacer lift and 1" body lift (1" motor mount lift to straighten out the driveline. Spidertrax spacers so I can use the original rims and some washers on the steering stop bolts to keep the wider tires from rubbing on the control arms at full steering lock.)

Asked by jeephead from Austin, TX on

Hello Jeephead, Thank you for asking. The boggers only come in 33x10.50 and 33x12.50 for a 15" wheel. The 33x10.50x15 weighs about 58 pounds each and the 33x12.50x15 weighsabout 65 pounds. The Goodyear MTR in a 33x12.50x15 weighs about 64 pounds

Answered by Robert from Austin, TX on

how much does it weigh? wow even the example question is what i want to know... maybe yall should include that info on the product page. and also the 35x10.50x15 what is its weight as well?

Asked by RangerMade from Houston Tx on

Thank you for your question. Part number SSTB-126 is 58 pounds and part number SSTB-128 is 65 pounds

Answered by JiD from Houston Tx on


The Super Swamper Tires off-road line includes the Super Swamper M16 tire, with 24 sizes, the Narrow Super Swamper, with 3 sizes, and the Super Swamper Radial which comes in 42 sizes. Super Swamper Tires are unusually round. So they work well on the trail but are still able to give a smooth ride on the pavement. The tires have six tread piles which cushion the bumps and shakes of the road. They also have low rolling resistance so they won't tax fuel economy. And up to 35 miles per hour they are not any louder than everyday tires. Super Swampers are manufactured by the Iterco Tire Corporation, known for making killer off-road tires for rock crawling (IROK), mudding (The Bogger) and tough trail running (TSL/SX). Shop Super Swamper Tires Now


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