Super Swamper 32x11.50-15LT Tire, TSL Bias - S-203

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  • Super Swamper Tires | Part Number: SSTS-203
  • Style:TSL Bias Ply
  • Tire Width:11.5
  • Tread Type:Mud Terrain
  • Tire Height:32
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Rim Diameter:15 Inches


  • The Super Swamper TSL with the patented TSL tread design offers unsurpassed traction under the toughest of conditions. Nine years of developing and testing produced the ultimate tire tread design. Short, intermediate and long massive lugs are uniquely arranged, each proportioned and spaced to bite quickly and to self-clean rapidly. The overall design gives todays on-and-off-road driver a tire that is both directionally and laterally stable
  • unmatched in performance. This is an extremely aggressive design that requires strict attention to air pressure when run on the highway. **TREAD DESIGN MAY DIFFER BY SIZE**



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I didn't know that you can get the tsl's in 32x11.50r15 because its not listed on the super swamper's website

Asked by banjo from on

Hello banjo, This is a special order only tire that we carry. We have them in stock and ready to ship out. Thank you.

Answered by from on

How long are these tires rated to last mileage wise? Is there a difference between the TSL Bias and the TSL Raidials? If so, please explain.

Asked by Chris from South Carolina on

Chris- Thank you for your question. The Super Swamper Tires 32x11.50-15LT, TSL Bias ply tires do not list a mileage rating. They are generally a fairly soft compound for better off road grip and are not know for there high mileage. The Bias ply means there are 2 steel belts with a nylon core. This style will take a "set" or flat spot over night. A Radial will have better highway manners.

Answered by Mike from South Carolina on


The Super Swamper Tires off-road line includes the Super Swamper M16 tire, with 24 sizes, the Narrow Super Swamper, with 3 sizes, and the Super Swamper Radial which comes in 42 sizes. Super Swamper Tires are unusually round. So they work well on the trail but are still able to give a smooth ride on the pavement. The tires have six tread piles which cushion the bumps and shakes of the road. They also have low rolling resistance so they won't tax fuel economy. And up to 35 miles per hour they are not any louder than everyday tires. Super Swampers are manufactured by the Iterco Tire Corporation, known for making killer off-road tires for rock crawling (IROK), mudding (The Bogger) and tough trail running (TSL/SX). Shop Super Swamper Tires Now


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