Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack - 76713


  • Smittybilt | Part Number: S/B76713
  • Drilling Required:Drilling Is Not Required
  • Roof Rack Type:Roof Rack
  • Material:Steel
  • Fitment:Direct Fit


Finally, a complete roof rack system that is tough enough to conquer the off road! Constructed of over-built 2 x .120 wall textured powder coat painted steel tubing backed by heavy duty 1/4 brackets, this Roof Rack System is as tough as it is good looking! Features: Removable Cross Bars for easy Soft or Hard Top removal. The Cross Bars are designed for use with almost all aftermarket accessories (Thule, Yakima, etc.) Four point mounting -- Attaches to front door mounts and to the rear frame -- Holds up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed cargo. Contoured design eliminates the typical boxy look. Add on the lightweight Outland Rugged Rack for the ultimate off road rack / basket combination. Modular design is easy to install and is UPS-able.



Great Rack for my 1998 Wrangler

Going straight to the point, it is a great rack from the price. Installing this will definitely require two people at least. The rack is solid and doesn't wiggle under it's own weight. I was able to keep my windshield lights on with the rack installed. One major problem I will point out is the way the rack attaches to the frame at the rear. I have tube bumpers that curved around the body, but I wasn't able to install the bumper back without a slight modification of the brackets holding the bumper. At 40 mph and higher, there is a "wind tunnel" effect through the cross bars, making a loud wind noise but that can be solved with a few clicks of the radio. The rack also changes the handling with the added weight above the tub of the Jeep. Overall, great product for the price.

from Atlanta, Georgia |
Great looking, cool rack!!!!!

This system is getting a bad rap on the difficulty of the install. It doesn't come out of the box & just jump on the Jeep, but with common sense & patience, you can install it without the instructions, if needed. They do hit on a couple important steps. It looks really cool, (which is why we buy it), & it works very well for it's application. The price is very reasonable too!!! I have a SmittyBuilt XRC bumper & had to trim off the corners of my bumper & remove the corner braces for this to work. Which was easy to do with a grinder. Some are complaining about the holes needing enlarged, it takes 5-10 minutes with a good 1/2" bit to just eat away at the holes from the inside. The bolts supplied for the rear connection are shorter than I like, so I bought 4 3/8's x 2" grade 8 bolts to replace them. Once I had it all put together, I used self drilling screws on all the joints & the basket cross bars, this took care of the rattling. It does make some hum & noise going down the road, but so do cool tires, other cool accessories, etc....... I really like mine & think it is a good product!!

from Mattoon, IL |
Great Concept, but Missed The Mark!!!

[$] is way TOO much for this [*] junk! I bought it to carry surfboards. Like the others, I had a VERY difficult time installing the Smittybilt SRC rack. If you're using the stock bumper you have to MODIFY the rear uprights, as in drill larger holes! You have to completly remove the rear bumper and the instructions (and I use that term lightly) assume you know how to this because they have no explanation on how to do it. Shouldn't it be designed to mount to OEM items and modify for aftermarket?!? Smittybilt got this backwards. I used a die grinder to enlarge the holes. Photos of how the rear uprights mount to the bumper would have been a TREMENDOUS help, but none to be found. It would also help if the parts were labeled left or right but they are not. You just have to figure it out on your own. The holes for the top rail and the rear uprights did not lineup. I had to drill holes out to make it work. It is a pain in the butt to get the rear uprights aligned on the bumper bolts and then the nuts are difficult to get to to tighten them up. A project that should take no more than 2 hours took me 5. As another person mentioned, there was brown gunk on the crossbard when I opended them, looks like rust, but wiped off. I haven't put it on the road yet so I can't speak to the noise. Had I known before what I know now, I would've spent more money on a better product. Not very happy with the installation process. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought it.

from Savannah, GA. |
Nice look, but painful installation

I read most of these reviews...and thanks to everyone's input. For the price and for my general uses (>50% top down) this product after all said and done I am very happy with. Now then said part before the done... The wind shear noise is indeed an annoyance and looking for a solution that doesnt require drilling or molding or fabricating plastic. The instructions suck...I had to drill into the rear uprights on the passenger side upright to fit to my Body Armor 59" rear bumper. I too..also had to go to hardware store as screws for rear upright were to short I had to purchase same thread but at 1.5 inches to fit rear bumper. I would rate this much higher...but the wind shear is very annoying with my soft top I own 2005 Wrangler X

from Houston, TX |
Solid robust constructio

Once I added a 2nd mount point to the rear up-rights it was as sturdy as though it were part of the frame. Just the two bolts down at the bottom on the bumper mount allowed too much "wobble" for me so I ran a 4" long 1/4-20 bolt into the corner of my 98 Wrangler through a 1" stand-off spacer and used a 1" fender washer inside to firm it up. Now when I grab hold of the rack and "yank" on it real hard all it does is shake the whole Jeep. I plan on using it to haul my boat and we all know what wind will do to a boat if it isn't secured like it was to withstand a hurricane.

from Portland, OR |
Worked for me!

Good Instructions except for rear connection to frame. The cross bars add significant wind noise to the already noisy interior when driving at slow and faster speeds.

from Chicago, Illinois |
Smittybilt Roof Rack

The roof was fairly easy to install however, would have been much easier with two people. Only draw back was low frequency hum at speeds above 30 miles per hour. I went [...] and bought 5 - 1/4X1in stanless steel screws, washers, lock nuts and 5-1 inch cable clamps with rubber grommets. Went to TAP plastics and had a fairing made 1/4 inch thick smoked plastic 54" long, 7 1/2" wide, 1" radiused corners. They drilled 5 - 1/4 holes 1 inch in on a long edge equally spaced. Mounted it to the front cross bar. Jeep is quieter than it was without the roof rack. Cost around $40 for the fairing. The fairing is absolutely necessary if you want to save your hearing! Looks pretty good also!

from Newcastle, WA |
great idea, BUT....

great idea, BUT.... installation SUCKED! first impression when opening the big heavy box was, "is that surface rust or brown powder?" luckily it just wiped off. now for the install. Had to modify either stock rear bumper or the system's rear uprights. i chose to cut the off bolts from the stock rear bumper because i couldnt see myself over-sizing the mounting holes on the rear uprights(after all i just bought the rack im not gonna start drilling larger holes in it!), i then used the supplied bumper bolts. okay. should bolt right in now right? wrong!! after fighting with the big heavy pipes going from the front upright to the rear upight i realized the right rear upright holes are so mis-aligned that i would need to drill my newly purchased "bolt in no mod" product anyway! besides having to drill the right rear upright, most of the bolts are barelly long enough to go through the pipes... how are we supposed to add the washers and the nuts to those bolts? im sure 1/4 inch longer bolts included wouldnt have been too much of a problem. i find myself driving with my windows up more often now because the cracking sounds the rack makes gets very annoying. as far as the drone @ about 30mph thats sounds like a big tire 4x4 is driving on your roof, i added kayak pads to the front and rear crossbars.. no more loud big tire 4x4 driving on my roof.. as far as being functional, it does a great job holding my kayak and paddle boards.

from honolulu, hi |
Inexpensive and works with some nags

The instructions assume you are not going to put your rear bumper back on which makes no sense. So if you are you have to enlarge the mounting holes on the kit to get your bumper back on. That takes a while if you are not prepared for it but it worked out OK with my dremel. When my soft top is on there is an odd hum coming from the top of the jeep and when i have no top on there you can hear the cage squeaking constantly. It is not really loud or obnoxious but it is annoying. Especially with the top down. This adds 5-10 minutes of time to taking off or putting on the soft top. Every cross bar most be completely removed with an allen wrench. It is not a huge deal but these certainly don't fold out of the way or anything some of the others do. The cross bars are not adjustable. This is fine for what I am using it for but just in case you are wondering. They are placed at logical locations. I know I had some nags but this inexpensive product holds my kayaks perfectly. I think it would hold most anything. It gives a wider space than the built in rack on my Expedition which is awesome. I can get 2 kayaks on it without having to turn then on their side like I have to do in every other vehicle I have tried.

from Marietta, GA |
When You Need a Swingset on Your Jeep

I bought this for my Jeep TJ to hold the SRC cargo basket. I cannot recall another time I paid so much and received so little. Don't get me wrong-- the concept is great, it's just the execution which sucked. The unit bolts very solidly to the door hinges in front and the Jeep frame rails in rear. Good thing too, because the tubes are HEAVY. You could club a grizzly bear to death with any of these pieces. The front uprights were a bit of a nooge to install because the lower door hinge backing plate falls off when the OEM screws come out, and you need to have a contortionst or midget helper to hold that in place from inside while you screw everything together outside. The stock rear bumper has to come off to mount the rear uprights, and oddly enough, SRC's own tube bumper is not compatible with their rack. Go figure.Then the fun really begins. On my unit, the top bend on both front uprights was about 8 degrees off horizontal. Doesn't sound like much until you try to insert a 5 foot length of tube into that and its companion at the rear. Won't happen. Did I mention this stuff was heavy? After much sweating, hammering, etc I finally managed to get the ends inserted. Of course, screw holes didn't line up properly so out came the drill. Next adventure was the hardware. For [$] you would expect grade 8, but it's more like "grade IKEA". Screws cannot be securely tightened without stripping them. Half a dozen of the bolts weren't even long enough, so I had to hit the hardware store to finish the install.The cross members juggled into position and I only stripped one of those bolts putting them on.Now came the best part: the test drive. At around 20 MPH, I noticed a sound like a giant blowing across an open Coke bottle. Stopped and taped over the bottom of the front uprights (they're hollow) and thought I had it licked. Not so. Now the roar threshold was 30 MPH, increasing to hurricane force level over 45 MPH. Deafening, and literally undriveable. You could mount 44" flotation tires and they would still be drowned out by this contraption.Apparently, Smittybilt never actually drove a Jeep Wrangler with this thing installed. Save your money (and your hearing) and look elsewhere.

from Raleigh, NC |

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6 Answered questions

How much height do it add to the vehicle, with out a basket?

Asked by Luke from Oriental, NC on

Hello Luke and thank you for your question! Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack will add another 105 pounds to your Jeep.

Answered by Nick from Oriental, NC on

I have 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport 6 cylinder. Will this rack fit on my roof? Do I need to drill any holes? Will this come with the rack and basket together?

Asked by Rob from union, NJ on

Thanks for the inquiry Rob, the Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack part # S/B76713 this will fit your TJ, it's a no drill application and the basket is sold separately part # S/B17185.

Answered by from union, NJ on

Will I be able to put my top down with this rack?

Asked by Pete from Lakewood, CA on

Hello Pete, Yes, the Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack S/B76713 does allow room for you to put the top down. Thank you.

Answered by from Lakewood, CA on

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