SCC Security Chain Wide Base Link LT SUV/LT Snow Chains - QG3829

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Security Chain Company or SCC, began in 1969 as a division of Burns Bros. Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In addition to offering a complete line of traction products both cable and link style, SCCs product mix expanded to include a wide variety of bulk chain & accessories for industrial and transport applications, cargo/load control products and lifting products. Fits all: 33x10.50-15LT, 33x10.50-16.5LT, LT275/70-17, 285/65-18, 285/70-17, LT285/70-17, LT285/75-16, 12.00-15LT, 275/55-20, 275/60-20, 275/70-18, 285/50-22, 285/55-20, 295/70-17, 305/40-23, 305/50-20, 305/70-16, 315/70-16, 31x13.50-15LT, 325/50-20, 33x12.50-15LT, LT265/85-16, LT275/70-18, LT305/70-16, 12.5/70-16, 12-16.5LT, 265/75-18, 275/50-22, 285/60-19, 285/65-17, 295/60-20, 305/45-22, 305/55-18, 305/60-18, 310/70-15, 31x13.50-16.5LT, 33x12.50-16, 33x12.50-16.5LT, 33x12.50-17, 33x12.50-18, 33x12.50-20, LT295/75-16, LT305/65-17, 31x12.50-15NHS, 32x12.50-15LT, 32x12.50-16.5LT, 33x13.50-15LT, 355/65-15, 32x12.5-16.5, 33x14.50-16.5LT

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Q: So do these need tensioners or not? Description says tensioners are required on non cam type chains. Nowhere in the description does it say if these are cam or non cam type chains. Answer this question

A: These are Non-Cam chains and require Tightener QG20074-10.

Answered by Chris from Compton. CA on 11/11/2020