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SCC Security Chain Super ZLT SUV/LT Snow Chains - ZT729

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Security Chain Company or SCC, began in 1969 as a division of Burns Bros. Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In addition to offering a complete line of traction products both cable and link style, SCCs product mix expanded to include a wide variety of bulk chain & accessories for industrial and transport applications, cargo/load control products and lifting products. Fits all: 215/80-16, 245/70-15, 205/75-17.5, 205/85-16, 235/55-19, 245/45-20, LT215/85-16, LT225/75-17, 215/70-17.5, 215/75-16C, 215/75-17.5, 225/55-19, 225/60-18, 225/70-17, 225/75-16, 235/50-19, 235/60-18, 235/65-17, 235/70-16, 235/75-15, 245/55-18, 245/65-16, 245/75-15, 6.50-16LT, 7.00-16, 7.00-16LT, 8.25-17, 8.75-16.5LT, 9.00-15LT, LR78-15LT, LT225/75-16, LT235/75-15, 215/70-17, 235-15, 245/50-19, 245/60-17, 255/70-14, 265/60-16, 29x9.50-15LT, 265/40-20, 265/45-18, 265/65-15, 7.50-16C

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Q: will the zt729 snow chains work on a 245/60R18 tire? Answer this question

A: No these do not fir a 245/60R18. Try SCCZT735 for your size tires.

Answered by Chris from Compton. CA on 01/09/2021

Q: Will model SZ343 snow chains by Security Chain Co. work on a 2004 Lexus RX330? Answer this question

A: Hello Jim and thank you for your question! SCC Security Chain Super ZLT SUV/LT Snow Chains depend on the size of your tires.

Answered by Nick on 01/10/2015