SCC Security Chain Super Z-6 SUV/LT Snow Chains - SZ447

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Security Chain Company or SCC, began in 1969 as a division of Burns Bros. Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In addition to offering a complete line of traction products both cable and link style, SCCs product mix expanded to include a wide variety of bulk chain & accessories for industrial and transport applications, cargo/load control products and lifting products. Fits all: 7.50-15NHS, 8-19.5, 9-17.5, 10-16.5NHS, 11.00-15LT, 29x12.50-15NHS, 31x11.50-15LT, 31x11.50-16.5LT, 31x13.50-15LT, 31x13.50-16.5LT, 32x10.50-17, 215/75-19.5, 225/75-19.5, 225/75-20, 235/80-17, LT235/80-17, 245/70-18, LT245/85-16, 255/50-21, 255/55-20, 255/60-19, 255/65-18, 255/65-19, 255/70-17, 255/70-18, LT255/75-15, 265/50-20, 265/60-18, 265/65-17, 265/65-18, 265/70-17, LT265/70-17, 265/75-16, LT265/75-16, 275/45-22, 275/50-20, 275/55-19, 275/60-18, 275/65-17, 275/70-16, LT275/70-16, 275/70-17, 275/75-16, 285/55-18, 285/55-19, 285/60-17, 285/65-16, 285/70-15, LT285/75-15, 295/30-23, 295/35-22, 295/40-21, 295/45-20, 305/35-19, 305/35-20, 305/35-22, 305/55-18, 315/35-20, LT325/60-15, 265/80-16, 33x10.50-16.5LT, LT255/75-16, LT275/75-15


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09 gmc sierra What size chain for a 305/55/20? Part# please thank you.

Asked by ray from socal on

Hello Ray the chain you need is part number SCC SZ486 They are for your size tire and suv / lt rated. We do have them in stock.

Answered by Rody from socal on

how many are included in this set?

Asked by texastrucktaimer from on

Texastrucktaimer,Thanks for the question.Part # SCCSZ447 is a quantity of 2

Answered by SDH from on

2005 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT 4x4 SWB LT265/70R17 owner manual states no chains on front tires due to potential clearance issues. Would cables work or would they still be considered chains?

Asked by Dodge enthusiast from Warsaw, MO on

Hello Yes you can use the cable style on the front axle. They are designed for tight clearance areas such as your front end.

Answered by Rody from Warsaw, MO on

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