REDARC 40A Charge Equalizer - CE40S2

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  • Redarc | Part Number: RAECE40S2
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


The REDARC 40A Charge Equalizer (CE40S2) is designed to manage a high current, 12 volt supply in a 24-volt vehicle.It allows 12 volts to be tapped from the center of a series-connected, two battery, 24 volt DC electrical system while still ensuring an equal charge across the two batteries.REDARC Charge Equalizers draw their power from a battery, rather than from a current limited device. This allows for a much larger peak current draw.Because of their high peak current capability and fast transient response, REDARC Charge Equalizers are ideally suited to loads that require a safe, clean and stable 12 volt supply.In addition, the CE40S2 features input isolation which removes the need for an input relay or isolator, making it incredibly easy to install.REDARC Chare Equalizers have proven their reliability in commercial applications under the harshest conditions.

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