Power Trax Chrysler 8.25 Inch 29 Spline Open Case No-Slip - 9203822905

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  • Power Trax | Part Number: PTX9203822905
  • Popular Axle Manufacture:Chrysler
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Axle Spline:29 Splines
  • Differential Type:Automatic Locker


The Powertrax No-Slip Traction Systems are the latest design in traction-adding differential technology. They combine the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential with the traction performance of a locking differential. A precise synchronization mechanism eliminates the ratcheting sounds typical of other locking differentials. Installation is simple because no ring and pinion setup is required. In addition, no special tools or oils are needed.



Excellent Value

Simple to install with no BS and it works well! After reading about 'other' lockers and driveline adjustments I decided to go with the Powertrax No-Slip locker and haven't regretted my decision. Great value, easy to install with no added complications.

from Ithaca, NY |
Very street friendly locker

I have a Powertrax NoSlip in my daily driver/occasional wheeler Jeep Liberty. It replaced an Aussie locker, and my only regret is not buying the Powertrax in the first place. It's just as docile on the street as my old Detroit Tru Trac was in one of my fast cars, and allows both tires to dig in regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

from Mason, OH |
driveability and powertrax

it keeps the manual trans spooled up creating gear clash between shifts. it would be ok for an automatic but it makes the manual upset meaning it's coming out and going on [...] pronto

from somewhere deep in Colorado |

Question & Answers

2 Answered questions

Hi, I have a newly purchased 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport 3.8L auto 4WD Was hoping for some help on suggestions on less expensive minded lockers. I think i have a Dana44 rear and Dana 30 front

Asked by Mud from Middle GA on

Hi Mud The least expensive locker for the front of your 2011 Jeep Wrangler Dana 30 will be the PowerTrax Lock Rite Locker http://jo.my/cqe4ur and for your Dana 44 rear you will need to figure out if you have a factory limited sliup or open differential. if you have a standard Open you can use the http://jo.my/nu7fq8 if your JK is equipped with the tracLoc limited slip differential like most are you will need the PowerTrax No Slip http://jo.my/bvol45 None of these units require the removal of the ring gear but it does make it much easier and will not require re shimming of the gears. Thank Yoi.

Answered by Stevie from Middle GA on

How can I tell what defferential is in the front of my truck?? I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4X4 with the 4.7L V8 the markings I find are C205F, 52069680AB the cover has 12 bolts, everything I find has 10 bolts, any help? and can I put a locker in it?

Asked by Huffy from Bonita Springs, Fl. on

Huffy Your 2000 Dodge Dakota will have a Dana 35 in the front. The cover will have an ear off the top of the cover that has two additional bolts in it but the sealing part of the cover has 10 bolts in a circle to seal the differential. The Two PowerTrax Lockers made especially for he Dakota front have been discontinued The Powertrax PTX9204352706 http://jo.my/1h95a7 will fit your case but the snap rings may not grip the side gears or get stuck in the side gears and need the cover removed to remove the snap rings instead of just pulling the axles out. thank you

Answered by Stevie from Bonita Springs, Fl. on