Motive Gear Dana 44 30 Spline Mini Spool - MSD44-30

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  • Motive Gear | Part Number: MIDMSD44-30
  • Popular Axle Manufacture:Dana
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Axle Spline:30 Splines
  • Differential Type:Spool


If you are looking for an economical way to increase your vehicles traction with out breaking the bank than a Motive Gear Mini Spool may be exactly what your are looking for. These traction aids replace the spider gears in your differential and permanently lock both axles together giving you maximum traction.



Question & Answers

2 Answered questions

Will the minni spools work with my tj with a front Danna 44 off a 86 wagoneer? I'm running 5.38 gears I believe

Asked by Jeeper from Indio California on

Hi Jeeper The Mini spool will fit the 86 Jeep Wagoner front axle but we never recommend the use of a spool in the front axles as they become nearly impossible to steer with out a ram steering set up even then they are very difficult and tend to eat steering components. Unless you are playing in sand and mud they are a bad idea.If you are looking for something inexpensive take a look at the Lock Rite from Powertrax Part number PTX2410-LR It will install in o he factory open carrier and will not require removal of the carrier so the is no resetting of the gears. Save the spool for the rear. Thank you

Answered by Stevie from Indio California on

Will this part work in a 2012 jeep wrangler, non-rubicon, rear dana 44 axle? It is an open differential with 3.21 gears.

Asked by tyler from somewhere, U.S.A on

Hi Tyler Yes this mini spool will fit you 2012 Jeep JK Non Rubicon but only if you do not have a factory limited slip differential. almost all JK's come with a limited slip differential so you better make sure it is an open differential. Any type of spool is not recommended for street use especially with stock axle shafts as you run the risk of breaking shafts as well as extreme tire ware. a better choice will be the Powertrax PTX2410 or the PTX92-0444-3020 for the limited slip case. Thank You

Answered by Stevie from somewhere, U.S.A on