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Michelin Tires P275/60R20, LTX A/T2 - 36429

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  • Michelin Tires | Part Number: MIC36429
  • Aspect Ratio:60
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Style:LTX A/T 2
  • Tire Height:31
  • Section Width:275
  • Availability:Out of Stock
  • Most Popular Sizes:275x60R20
  • Tire Width:11
  • QuantityGT3:false
  • Rim Diameter:20 Inches


The Michelin LTX A/T2 tire is a tough, long lasting all-season on-off road tire that offers excellent off-road traction and durability with uncompromising on-road comfort and handling. The optimized contact patch shape, provided by MaxTouch Construction, helps deliver extremely long tire life under the toughest conditions. Tough off-road endurance capability of the Michelin LTX A/T2 tire helps it last at least 35 percent longer on gravel than two leading class competitors. Michelin Comfort Control Technology uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to offer greatly reduced vibrations and road noise.

Customer Reviews

4.0 4.0
1 Customer ratings
5.0 Tire rating.

These tires are the best tire made. I'm on my second set of LTX A/T2 for my truck. I got 66K on them and still had tread left.

5.0 Great Tires

I bought the same tires 6 years ago got over 100K miles and had my first flat so with 70% used I decided to buy the same tires again.

5.0 Mike

Nice ride no road noise

5.0 nice tread design!

I love these tires! I was in heavy rain and stop and go traffic and not once did I lose traction when taking off. My bf goodrich all terrain tires would spin every time! These Michelin tires are quiet and very smooth riding. My bfg tires would vibrate and shake at around 70 mph. These michelin tires at 85-90 mph there is no vibration/ shaking at all! I think I will be buying these Michelin tires from now on! Love them!

5.0 Great Ride

I have purchase Michelin before great tires

5.0 Excellent service life, quiet and serviceable.

I had a set of these on my Ford F350 for 70,000 miles. Probably 30,000 miles pulling a fifth wheel trailer, loading the rear axle close to the maximum weight. These tires were smooth, quiet and reliable. They were 10ply tires on a 1 ton 4WD truck, so I can’t say they were a delight to drive on, but as smooth as the LTX A/S I put on the truck next. The tires kept their balance between rotations. Had one flat tire the whole time we owned them. They performed fine in the mud and snow we had them in. They pulled us and the trailer out of a dirt road campground on the north rim of the GC, when all others were stuck and barely out of their campgrounds. I will buy them again.

5.0 Great all around

Original on my Tundra 2021 SR5. What an impressive tire on wet, dry, light snow. Quiet and wears nicely. I’ll buy again.

5.0 Excellent Tire

I have been running the LTX A/T2 for about the past 16 years, these tire give the best overall service, long life, best milage, and excellent life pulling heavy loads, With the latest power from the Ford 6.7L in the F-350, and pulling loads in the range of 16,000 kg gvw, I average about 80,000 km out of a set of 4 with proper rotate at service intervals,, I highly recommend this tire for most commercial applications.



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