Insane Audio In-dash Navigation and Multimedia Entertainment System - JK1001


  • Insane Jeep Audio | Part Number: I/EJK1001
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Type of Unit:Multimedia


Insane Audio is proud to present the JK1001 - the first fully Android powered head unit specifically designed for your Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited. The JK1001 is easy to install, fits perfectly in your dash and will even connect to your stock wiring harness. It comes preloaded with Insane NavEngine, our legendary navigation software that includes rich, high definition 3D maps with full topography, off-road trails, turn-by-turn directions and more. Includes a microSD card slot so you can store up to 64 GB of music or movies onboard with no moving parts and no skipping when you are bouncing down the trail. iPOD cable, USB inputs, multiple aux inputs and outputs, Bluetooth phone and media streaming, etc. The JK1001 also interfaces directly with your Jeeps ECU allowing you to view engine fault codes, clear check engine lights and view live OBD engine data on the display. Basically, Insane Audios new JK1001 comes with everything you need to rock your rig. The Insane Audio unite connects directly to the Jeeps canbus and works with the steering wheel controls right out of the box. What's even better is that you can use the unit to re-program the steering wheel buttons should you want them to function differently. Sirius radio connectivity is not built into unit, but you can download and install the Sirius Android App or connect an external receiver through the aux input.



Best thing to add to your JK!

Man this thing is great! bought one for my 2014 jku and it totally rocks out! the torque gauges are really awesome to. glad i bought it!!

from Auburn, AL |
Definitely Worth It!

Love this thing! Got it as an upgrade to my 2014 JK and it absolutely kicks butt! I saw it didn't work with SiriusXM, so I sent a quick email, and they showed me a couple ways to make it work with it! It is wayyyy better than my factory head unit ever was. The support guys are super helpful and they make a pretty good product. If you want to upgrade your sound system, try this one!

from Wenatchee, WA |
Dead radio

The radio was purchased as a Christmas gift and installed last week. Radio failed within a few hrs of operation. All fuses good, and there is power to the plug. Sent two emails to support with no answer. How do you get warranty work out of this company?

from Barrie |
Completely failed in less than a month

Worked great for a few weeks and then it started failing to start up. Purchased mid-October, dead by mid-December. This item is way too expensive to be this faulty. Even if they give me a replacement I still have to uninstall the old unit, and then reinstall the new one. I love doing the job twice.

from Virginia |
Andriod based navi is nice

I was excited to get this unit for all the apps. Wasnt thrilled with the sound. Nice features can change colors and the navigation is cool. However if you have the jeep navi now you will loose a few features. Like your direction displayed next to the temp. It will be just dashes instead of east west or north south. Also the speak command is no longer there. Also the radio will not have xm. Not a deal breaker for me since I think xm is a rip off. Poor sound quality and pay for radio that has commercials. if you have a standard radio in your jeep it might be worth it. If you have a 730n you might be disapointed,

from Manteca Ca |
Major Improvement

I had the single cd with infinity speakers and subwoofer. Never sounded very good. The sound has really come alive after installing this head unit. The NAV is great, i have my backup camera hooked up and my podcasts download right to it when i pull in my driveway within wifi range. Also i love the OBD connection, you can check and reset trouble codes from your radio.

from Boston MA |
All problems Fixed AWESOME Thanks Insane Audio

Well my last review on this unit was not a good one. BUT NOW I would like to change that. I sent it back to Insane Audio and WOW it came back GREAT. All my problems were gone. They fixed everything. This unit is amazing works great. I highly recommend the Insane Audio's JK1001

from Calgary Canada |
Returning, lack of XM a deal breaker...

Bought for the wife, who loves her XM radio. Having to use XM via a connected smartphone won't work for her as she doesn't have a data plan for that purpose and prefers a deck that includes it (like the stock one). There's been talk for months from the Insane Audio guys of coming up with a solution but it has not yet happened. Going to find another option in the meantime...great deck, however. Just not right for us. 1 star given as it was a total disappointment that they have not yet come up with something for this issue.

from Scottsdale, Az |
Insane Audio In Dash Unit

I bought this unit to combine functionality in the dash in my wife's 2013 Wrangler over and above what came with the stock unit. It was form and fit compatible and was installed with amazing ease. Credit goes to both Insane and the Wranger OEM for this. The functionality of audio, video, performance metrics, and GPS is impressive which is where the complexity part comes in. It will take a while to learn all it will do. Since I own a 2008 Wrangler and the unit is compatible, it looks like I may have to buy another one soon.

from Tewksbury, MA |
More bang than you need for your buck?

Grabbed the JK1001 as soon as it came out and was very impressed with it out of the box. I'm hardly handy with tools but I know my way around a socket wrench just enough that the install was pretty straightforward and easy. Biggest problem is clearance for wires behind the dash, but you can move stuff above and below it and make it fit flush and nicely. It does work right out of the box plugged into the factory connection with no issues. Is it a problem that it might be too complicated? The Android interface is great, but there are SO MANY apps preinstalled it can be pretty daunting to look at and figure out what you want on the main screen. Considering your Jeep will rarely be regularly connected to WiFi - unless you're bringing your own hotspot - the calendar, google now, google search, and email functions just seem too much. Great to add on, but out of the box it's clutter. As an Android based receiver, I think it's pretty ironic that it comes with an iPod adapter but not a micro-USB plug for Android phones to connect to. Nonetheless, had no problem (though the interface is kinda ugly) to stream music from my Android phone to the receiver via bluetooth. Built in mic for the phone is great, and while I was told I sound 'tinny' (talking from a tin can), I could hear them fine and they could understand me clearly. And there is no stupid mic you have to tape to your steering wheel or tuck in the visor either. GPS seems slow to respond but I'll give it some time. It comes with Google Maps and the Insane Audio Nav app, so you can choose function and reliability (google) or pretty and..takes some getting used too (IA Nav). The IA Nav doesn't seem to have a function to tell you to take a road by name. It will just say 'Turn right' instead of 'Turn right on main street'. 64GB SD slot for storage and a USB front port for up to 64GB more storage means it's definitely ready for a long trip (movies) and lots of music. Find a stubby USB and you won't even notice it sticking out. Overall, is it worth $900+? Get your money out of it and organize the extra apps and - the best part probably - download some useful apps from the Google Play store when you're connected to WiFi and get the bang for your buck. I am not saying I'm unhappy with it by any means, but sometimes too much is too much - it's almost overkill with how functional, customizable, it is. A smart manufacturer could easily make a JK1001-JR for 1/2 the price and fill a price niche there as well.

from Memphis, TN |

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41 Answered questions

Hello I would like to know if this is compatible with the 2011 Wrangler Rubicon - European models, Or if you have one that in your stock. This will be a gift for my brother who lives in Istanbul Thanks

Asked by mimarsinan31 from Spring TX on

Hello mimarsinan31, Yes, this will be a direct installation to your 2011 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon. Simply remove the stock head unit and install the new one. It's 100% plug-n-play ready. Thank you for the question.

Answered by from Spring TX on

I am interested in your head unit but have a few questions... 1.)Is it compatible with Apple Car Play? 2.)Does it have a detachable face? 3.)Will it provide movie play while the vehicle is in motion? 4.) and Most importantly, is it water proof or resistant? after all we are talking about a jeep. I ride with my top off as much as possible but always fear getting caught in the rain cause of my stereo. If not could this be made in a marine style, if so It would surely be a HOMERUN!

Asked by Jason from Watson, Louisiana on

Hello Jason and thank you for your question! Insane Jeep Audio In-dash Navigation and Multimedia Entertainment System is powered bu Android but there is an USB cord you can use for Apple or even Blue Tooth.

Answered by anonymous from Watson, Louisiana on

I have the Alpine Audio system with Bass, I have read that the Raxiom will not work, does this radio plug and play with my upgraded by Jeep Alpine radio system? Have you considered offering a backup camera with clable and mounting kit for the spare tire?

Asked by Scott from Arlington, TX on

Hello Scott, Yes, this unit will replace and plug-n-play the factory upgraded Alpine headunit. Insane Audio is currently working on a back-up camera for this unit. The software is already available for the camera with a simple Android app download. Thank you for the question.

Answered by from Arlington, TX on

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Insane Jeep Audio's In-dash Navigation and Multimedia Entertainment Systems for Jeep Wrangler bring the mobile digital world into your Jeep dashboard. Insane Jeep Audio hires the best engineers to design its state-of-the-art sound equalizers and navigation systems. Your high-end Jeep speakers will "come alive" after you've installed an Insane Jeep Audio unit. Your navigation experience will include 3D maps with full topography, off-road trails and turn-by-turn directions. Since Insane Jeep Audio is run on an Android operating system, you can install your own apps on the units. Insane Jeep Audio stands behind their products with world class friendly and professional customer support. Shop Insane Jeep Audio Now


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