HornBlasters HornAir 8485 Nightmare Edition OnBoard Air System (Black) - HA-8485K

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  • HornBlasters | Part Number: H/BHA-8485K
  • Tank Volume:8 Gallon
  • Included:Compressor with Tank
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Universal _ Direct Fit:Universal


  • This kit is not to be underestimated. With it being a massive 8-gallon (30.28 liters) reservoir, and including dual Viair 485 heavy-duty air compressors. This air system is more than enough to run air tools or do any heavy-duty pneumatic use as well as using Horns.

    This package is perfect for load-leveling air springs or air suspension. Also perfect for airing up tires or any other pneumatic use. Please note that if you use horns, you will still need an air valve kit to connect the system properly.

    Unlike some other air systems, HornAir Onboard Air Systems come with 10 and 18 gauge wire, and a complete wiring kit including a fuse holder. This takes out the guesswork on your end and helps ensure your system is installed correctly. Another great feature of HornAir systems is that they come with a standard 1/2" OD push-to-pull fitting. This means the horns you hook up with get all the air they need.

    An increasing number of people are using this for more than just blasting horns! With a system like the 8485K, you can also use the air supply to:
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Remove/rotate tires
  • Heavy duty pneumatic use
  • Inflate water toys and safety gear
  • Supply air to load leveling bags
  • Supply air to air suspension
  • Supply air for differential lockers
  • Blow up kids toys
  • And lots more!

    Recommended for use with the following:
  • Shocker S4 Train Horns (Part number: AH-S4)
  • Nathan Airchime Series Train Horns (Part Number: AH-P3, AH-P5, AH-K3, AH-K5)

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