HornBlasters 12 Gallon 8 Port Air Tank with Fitting Kit - TA-1208H-442

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  • HornBlasters | Part Number: H/BTA-1208H-442
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


HornBlaster's massive 12 Gallon 8 Port Air Tank provides you with plenty of air for all your pneumatic needs. With seven 1/2" ports and one 3/4" port, the is designed for high flow applications preventing bottleneck issues that smaller ports cause. This 12 gallon air compressor tank is ideal for air suspension systems and using air tools, as well as providing up to 24 seconds of continuous blast time with many of our air horns and train horns.

Proudly made in the USA with the highest level of quality control and meets SAE J10 & FMVSS 121 Specifications. To top it off. the tank is finished with a semi-gloss black powder coat and a rust inhibitor coating on the interior to prevent the tank from corroding.

As an important safety precaution, a Safety Blowoff Valve should be installed with any air system. A Safety Blowoff Valve is designed to keep the system from over-pressurizing and to prevent damage to other components. It is suggested to use a Safety Blowoff Valve with a PSI rating between 25-35 PSI higher than the maximum pressure of the pressure switch. For example, 150 PSI systems require a 175 PSI Safety Blowoff and 120 PSI systems require a 150 PSI Safety Blowoff.

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