Hi-Lift Jack 60" All Cast Jack - HL-605

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  • Hi-Lift Jack | Part Number: H/LHL-605
  • Jack Height:60 Inches
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


Every Jack comes complete with an adjustable top clamp/clevis for use in clamping and winching. Safety bolt is designed to shear at 7,000 lbs. (3175 kg). For speedy disengaging, lifting unit automatically drops away when load is removed. 4-1/2" (11cm) long lifting nose for positive contact with load. Steel bar can be reversed for extra long life. Low pickup of 4 1/2" (11cm). 28 square inch base plate.



cant go wrong

Never a useless tool to have. From winching yourself out to simply changing a tire or doing a quick trail fix.

from sparrows point, MD/ paw paw, WV |
60" High Lift Jack

Off road recovery and repairs. Solid design and easy to use.

from Florida |
Jack performed excellently.

Used to change tires on lifted full size chevy blazer.It was more than capable to lift my truck high enough to easily change out the tires. It was a little heavy but no problem campared to the performancr.

from Rolla,Mo |
everything it said it was

versatile and tough

from texas |
USA made goodness!

If you don't have one, it will only be a matter of time till you wish you did!

from San Jose, CA |
No reason NOT to own one

It's the Handyman jack! Every man on a farm should own one! You can use a chain and it to pull up T posts, lift up trailer tongues when they don't have a jack or if their jack won't lift the trailer to your draw bar, lift up your truck to work on it (but not under it!), and use it to get unstuck. I say it's as handy as a Bale Bed because you'll find yourself using it for all sorts of things that you wouldn't think of before you buy it. The only real bad thing is it's definitely heavy to lug around. I just throw it on the four-wheeler or in the pickup when I go around pulling posts because it's too heavy to walk with very far.

from Nebraska! GO HUSKERS |
The standard

Great product, everyone that drives off road should own one. Super easy to use as a jack or a come-a-long for getting yourself out of a jam

from Denver, CO |
It's the gold standard

Not much to say. It's the gold standard in off road jacks for fixing flats, making repairs, performing recovery. I've got a full size 4x4 pickup so I opted for the 60" size. That's probably also the size you want if your vehicle is lifted. It was a little sticky out-of-the-box so as with many things mechanical, be prepared to add a little lube to get it working perfectly. I don't see this as a detriment - if you've got a need for a high-lift jack, I'm sure you already have ready-to-hand some spray lube of some sort. Carry a wide base (say 1' x 1' by 1" plywood) if you need to use it in soft dirt. You might want some big wheel chocks - but rocks work too. Please don't work under a vehicle supported only by a high-lift jack - it's not that the jack might fail, it's that the vehicle might shift.

from San Jose, CA |

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I need a lift-assist to help me raise the spring loaded roof of my Wheel Camper tent trailer. Distance from ground to bottom of roof (where it sits on trailer) is about 32 inches. Lift assist should go from that location (top sitting on trailer) with a lift assist from there for about 18-22 inches higher. Thank you from an old lady.

Asked by Jo from on

Hello Jo, With everything you have described, I think the Hi-Lift Jack 60" Jack H/LHL-605 will be a perfect solution for you. Thank you for the email.

Answered by RK from on


Hi-Lift Jack's parent company Bloomfield Manufacturing was founded over 100 years ago and today Indiana-headquartered Hi-Lift produces jacks capable of lifting, winching, clamping, pulling and pushing. The Handyman or Sheepherder's jack was the Hi-Lift's original name and jeepers trust these accessories out on the trail in a variety of scenarios. Their trail jacks offer a rated capacity of 4,660 lbs. and a tested capacity of 7,000 lbs. and they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. We also carry tow straps and jack mount kits as well as storage options for trail jacks. Rely on a brand that has withstood the test of time to withstand the tests that come with off-roading. Shop Hi-Lift Jack Now