H3R Performance 2.5 lb. HalGuard Black Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher - HG250B

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  • H3R Performance | Part Number: H3RHG250B
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
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HalGuard is no ordinary fire extinguisher. It contains an electrically non-conductive "clean" extinguishing agent that rapidly turns into a gas. The clean agent used in HalGuard has passed extensive testing by Underwriters Laboratories, and meets FAA requirements. It can be found on commercial aircraft, and is used by airport fire fighters and on the flight line. Hand held HalGuard extinguishers are available in either compact 1.4 lb. and 2.5 lb. sizes, or larger 5 lb., 11 lb., and 15.5 lb. units. The larger sizes are USCG approved, and meet DOT requirements for the heavy duty truck market. 65 lb., and 150 lb. wheeled HalGuard extinguishers offer maximum clean agent protection for the pit lane or large facilities.

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Best deal on the best extinquisher

My neighbor had an electrical fire in the kitchen due to an old stove shorting out. Flames going two feet up the wall from the back of the stove. Also caught old grease in hood on fire, yuck. shot the fire with this extinquisher while pushing the stove door down with my foot to get the stream behind the stove. Fire went out in about 3 seconds. A short burst into the hood put that out. Other than the stove being roached, the only other damage was from smoke. The fire department, which showed up ten minutes later, thought the fire just burned out on its own. My neighbor now owns two of these extinquishers after paying me to replace mine.

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H3R Performance Inc. is based in Petaluma, California. The company is excellent at what they do because they only do one thing, namely, supply portable fire extinguishers to Jeep owners in two formats. H3R Performance makes clean agent fire extinguishers which contain fire suppressant chemicals that are not harmful to sensitive electronic equipment. These are sold under the HalGuard brand. H3R Performance also makes dry chemical extinguishers sold under the MaxOut brand. Both brands are high quality, UL listed extinguishers, rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. H3R Performance is part of a cluster of H3R companies supplying fire safety equipment to the aviation, automotive and fire protection industries. Shop H3R Performance Now