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Goodyear 265/60R18 Tire, Wrangler Duratrac - 150525601

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  • Goodyear Tires | Part Number: GDY150525601
  • Aspect Ratio:60
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Style:Wrangler Duratrac
  • Tire Height:31
  • Section Width:265
  • Availability:Out of Stock
  • Tire Width:10
  • Tread Type:All Terrain
  • Rim Diameter:18 Inches
  • Tire Size:265/60R18



The new Wrangler DuraTrac features Tractive Groove Technology to help get the job done. Offering enhanced traction in deep mud and snow, the Wrangler DuraTrac is a hardworking tire for drivers who don't know the meaning of the word quit.

Customer Reviews

4.6 4.6
950 Customer ratings
5.0 Best tires I ever had.

These came on my Ram Power Wagon from the factory. I have never had a tire last this long. Just over 90k miles on them right now and still more tread to go. I'm confident I'll get 100k out of them.

from Lexington, Kentucky |
5.0 Best I've had

I'm planning to replace my tires due to their age: 12 years, and maybe 59,000 miles. They still have plenty of tread! I've liked them! When they did slip it was because I was really pressing the accelerator with no weight in the bed of my truck, in a turn, with lose gravel on the street; Or I was goofing around in an empty, snowy parking lot. Both times I found the fish tailing predictable and easy to control.

from Chic a go |
5.0 82,000 miles!

Beyond impressed, that an all terrain with great traction lasted so long. I was expecting to have to replace them before 50,000 miles. The 265/65r17 version came on my 2017 Colorado ZR2. Yes, I drove over 80,000 miles on these tires and there was still more than enough tread to be legal, 3/32" (2/32" is legal limit in Florida). I didn't take care of these as well as I could have, but I did rotate them. Everytime they started humming noticeably louder, I rotated them, usually around 10,000 miles, and the hum would go away for a long time. I should've had them rebalanced every 10,000 as well. You can't expect the weight to remain perfectly balanced as it loses rubber. At around 60,000 miles I rotated and found I had one tire out of round. I put that tire on the right rear where it stayed until replaced. I believe had I been balancing the tires, I could've avoided that one tire going out of round, and I could've kept rotating, allowing for the tires to last even more miles. I'm only writing this review because I saw so many negative reviews from people who are clearly ignorant of the causes of tire wear. Poor alignment, worn out shocks, and worn suspension components are major contributors to uneven tire wear. You can have an alignment done, and still have problems, if your suspension bushings are worn, or you have sloppy tie rod ends or ball joints. The alignment rack measures alignment in a no load condition. As you drive down the road, friction pulls your tires in different directions in different situations. Whether braking, turning, accelerating, maintaining, or coasting, forces are pulling on suspension diffently, and if your suspension is worn, your tires will go out of alignment in any condition other than sitting on a smooth flat surface like the alignment rack. I bought my truck new, so I didn't have any of those issues, but a lot of the negative reviews come from people that clearly have other problems, and they are blaming the tires.

from Florida |
5.0 Built For Alaska

I currently have these on my work truck in Alaska and nothing will slow them down. Great traction on ice, snow and mud. This is my forth vehicle with these and I will never consider anything else.

from Alaska |
5.0 Getting ready to buy my 4th set

I am rocking Duratracs on a 2008 Dodge Dakota, I am on my fourth set of these (I have ~330,000 miles on the truck as of this review). The truck had 30k when I bought it with Duratrac set #1 on it. I swapped them out for Duratrac set #2 at ~95k because I wanted a bigger size (265 to 285). I kept Duratrac set #2 on there way too long, but running a religious 5 tire rotation they lasted a legitimate verifiable 135k miles. The second set was down to 2-3 32nds of tread when I swapped for Duratrac set #3. I also stepped up to 20" rims (from 17") for set #3. Set #3 was only a set of 4 because I don't have 5 matching rims but they were much lower profile (55 instead of 70) so they handled awesome on the road - like going from a 4wd truck to a car. Set #4 is forthcoming because I am down to a couple of 32nds, but I am very close to 100k on this set so I am very satisfied. Clearly I drive many highway miles, and maybe 10% is pulling a trailer. Maybe a third of my driving involves some light offroading at my destination although it is mostly needing to get places rather than pure offroad. That said, I have never found myself short of traction even when the tires are very worn. Overall these absolutely wear like iron if you keep them rotated AND still give you Phenominal traction. Some have mentioned the cost, but when you consider the longevity of these tires the miles/dollar is still better.

from All over the US |
5.0 Superior traction on snow from AT.

These tires are significantly better on snow and slush then the wrangler at. I've used the AT for decades and got talked into these by a guy that I will now always buy tires from. I'm very impressed with agility on snow. But the mpg is noticeably poor. 18 down to 15 or 14. So I swap them for AT's in the summer. Noise isn't too bad comparably. Over all very happy.

from Oregon |
5.0 Says 50K Miles but I got at least 70K Miles

Very conservative with the miles of use ratio. I'm only getting new tires because I caught a nail and I just feel like it's time. I probably have at least another 5-7 K Miles left of tread.

from South Carolina |
5.0 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrack on a 4 x 4 Ram PW

I've had it on sand, snow and mud. It rocks! They're a little loud at high speed on the freeway, but that's true with all traction tires. The only thing I have had kill one is an 8d nail. Yup, sometimes life sucks. But it's still a great all around tire.

from Everett, WA & Las Vegas, NV, Washington |



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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has a mission of delivering the highest quality tire with innovation and value. Fulfilling that mission is how Goodyear became a global leader in the tire industry. The company partners with the hottest off-road race teams to develop tires that perform on the grueling competition terrains. It is a great test bed for the engineers in the Goodyear consumer tire division. The partnership between Goodyear and off-road race teams means there is a constant development of all of the individual components of a tire whether it be materials, design, fabrication techniques or testing methodology. This contributes to a development process that insures that Goodyear tires you purchase from us are of the highest performance, quality and durability standards. Shop Goodyear Tires Now



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