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G2 Disc Brake Conversion Kit (Natural) - 96-2049-DB

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  • G2 Axle and Gear | Part Number: G/296-2049-DB
  • Rotor Type:Drilled and slotted
  • Front or Rear:Rear
  • Color:Natural
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Caliper Type:Aftermarket


This kit replaces the factory drum brakes with a direct bolt-in disc brake package for improved stopping power. Kit includes dual drilled rotors to accept 5 on 4.5" and 5 on 5.5" bolt pattern, calipers, all necessary brackets to fit the Dana 35, Dana 44 & Chrysler 8.25" housings found in Jeep vehicles. It also includes an internal drum parking brake for better holding power. Emergency brake cables sold separately.

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5.0 Great kit for XJ Dana44

Installed on a 1989 Dana44 from an XJ. Simple install. Great kit. I did not need to change the master cylinder or modify the proportioning valve. Big difference in stopping power for my XJ on 35’s

5.0 Very nice kit, great price

This is a very nice kit to install disc brakes onto the rear of your Jeep. The Jeep I put these on is a 2001 Wrangler with the factory optional D44. The install was straight forward and went very quick. It came with braided flexible hoses which was nice. The calipers also have a very nice looking finish and the rotors were slotted. There are some things to keep in mind though. First is that you will need to press the bearings off the axle shafts to install a required spacer. It is not recommended to reuse the bearing lock collar so you will need to buy new bearing sets because I don't believe there is a way to get it separately. With the C clip style axles I don't believe this is an issue. Second is that the brake hose brackets are to be welded to the axle. No sweat if you have a welder of course but if you don't I don't know what you will do to attach the bracket. It would have been nice if the brackets could be attached with some hose clamps at least temporarily. That way you could safely drive it to a shop to have the brackets welded. Any muffler shop could do it quickly and inexpensively I'm sure. Finally 15 inch wheels are a very tight fit. The stock steel wheels wouldn't fit at all and my 15" Ecco wheels rubbed very slightly. I ground the calipers slightly for clearance and they now fit nicely but there would have been no way to get these to work with the factory steel wheels. If you can run 16 inch or larger wheels that would be best. Also don't forget to add in the cost of new parking brake cables. The Teraflex cables are $45 each but some OEM cables from a Grand or a Rubicon may do the trick for less. Over all a very nice complete kit.

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Question & Answers

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Q: So i have all factory brakes on my 2000 Jeep xj and i want this kit for the rear but what should i put in the front the is compatible with this kit to get better stopping power the the factory setup Answer this question

A: I have this rear disc kit on my XJ with 35’s I changed The front rotors and pads to extreme performance pads and slotted rotors. Reused the existing OEM calipers. Didn’t change the master cylinder, or proportioning valve.. my XJ stops on a dime. No issues at all.  You will need to plumb for rear brake hard lines. And you will need to fabricate an adapter for the OEM parking brake cables. 

Answered by XJ Addict from Eagle, Idaho on 10/16/2020

Q: I installed the kit on my 8.25 of my 95 xj. Love it. My question is. When the pads or rotors need to be replaced or a caliper locks down. Do I have to get replacement parts from G2 or is there something I can go to a local auto parts store n replace woth Answer this question

A: Hi Justin, No, you do not need to buy the specific replacement parts from G2 for the G2 Disc Brake Conversion Kit (Natural) - 96-2049-DB. These are styled after a 98 Ford Ranger/Explorer rear disc break setup, so they are commonly found at your local auto parts store.

Answered by Christian from 4WP HQ on 10/01/2020

Q: In the details it states-Fits 1990 to 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee with Dana 35 and Chrysler 8.25 Rear Axle. However when I enter my jeep info to double check it says this part doesnt fit. Can you clarify? I have a 93 XJ 8.25 rear end. Thanks Answer this question

A: Hello Yes it does work on the Dana 35 90 and newer and the 8.25 axles in the Jeep XJ's. The vehicle qualifier has been down for a few days and keeps saying doesn't fit. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 09/08/2015

Q: On a 92 Jeep Wrangler will anything need to be changed in the Combination Compensation Valve next to the Master Brake Cylinder when this Rear Brake Drum to Disk Brake kit is installed? Thank You. Answer this question

A: Hello We take the brake line for the rear off at the master cylinder and pull the check valve out. This you will get full pressure to the rear brakes. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 08/20/2015

Q: I have a 1980 International Harvester Scout II. Will the Part Number: G/296-2049-DB rear disk brake conversion kit be compatible? Thank you, Brian Answer this question

A: Hello No it doesn't work for the Scout 44 the backing plate bolt flange is different and the offset on the axles is wrong. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 08/13/2015


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