G2 Dana 60 Master Ring and Pinion Installation Kit - 35-2034

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  • G2 Axle and Gear | Part Number: G/235-2034
  • Popular Axle Manufacture:Dana
  • Minor/ Master Kit:Master Kit With Bearings
  • Axle Location:Front|Rear
  • Axle Type:Dana 60
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


G2 Master kits include all the parts that are needed to properly install a ring and pinion. These G2 kits include hard to find parts like a proper shim kit, replacement pinion nut , crush sleeve, pinion seal, pinion bearings, carrier bearings, ring gear bolts, silicone sealer, Loctite and gear marking compound. these are the parts that the auto parts store never seems to have or ever herd of.



Dana 60 Master Installation Kit

The cages fell off of both carrier bearings just being handled out of the package. It was impossible to install these as they kept falling apart and the rollers scattered across the floor. Being in a time crunch, I did not return the product, but replaced the bearings with much higher quality ones (the cheaper line) from the local parts store. The shims, washers, nut, and gasket were the only usable parts of the package.

from Kennewick, WA |
To each his own.....

When I first opened this kit up to use, it seemed to me (Aircraft maintenance background) that there was something wrong with it. The ring gear bolts are what I really had the problem with. Theirs (castellated) are threaded for the full shank, oem has about a 3/8 shoulder, theirs have smaller bolt heads 3/4 vice oem 13/16 and are theirs are marked Rockwell 8 vice the oem Rockwell of 9, and theirs are also just about one thread shorter. Called G2 (24JAN12) and they explained that the press of the ring gear to the carrier is where the strength is, and they haven't had any problem with the bolts. Sooo, I him'd and haw'd and finally just went and bought a Spicer 701056-1X (correct bolts) kit from 6 States locally. One of the most basic things I learned in Aircraft Maintenance is that you don't use a full threaded bolt where a shouldered bolt is supposed to be used, and head size and design matters. I could just see something happening down the road under Eaton warranty and shipping a carrier back to only find it not covered because of the wrong hardware....or damage caused by such... Oh well, too each his own..... I didn't like this kit because of the non-oem like hardware and near "zip" for descriptive information...... They could do better and actually get results from it....

from Salt Lake City UT |
Rollin along

This install kit is going in D60 under a cherokee. The kit is complete and easy to install. The only thing not so good is having to wait for the kit to come to the store a D 60 is pretty popular.

from Sierra Vista, Az |

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