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G2 Axle & Gear CORE Dual Rate Sway Bar System - 72-2050DRS

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  • G2 Axle and Gear | Part Number: G/272-2050DRS
  • Mounting Location:Universal
  • Spring Rate :Single Rate
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Type:Automatic


The G2 Core DRS is a state-of-the-art off-road sway bar system for your Jeep Wrangler JK. Crawling on the ground to disconnect your sway bar links, forgetting to disconnect entirely or running without a sway bar can be a thing of the past. The DRS features two heat-treated chromoly shafts that work in unison via a hardened 4140 steel locking assembly. When engaged, the first and second stage torsion bars work together to provide rigid on-road stability that gives up to 20% more articulation than the stock sway bar. A switch inside the cabin of the Jeep controls a pneumatically actuated mechanism that disengages the primary 1-1/2-inch diameter first stage torsion bar, freeing up the suspension to move substantially more. The second stage 5/8-inch torsion bar remains engages and has a lighter spring rate to give minimal anti-roll leverage. The system is designed to work with existing on-board air compressor systems, can be disengaged and reengaged on the fly, and defaults to the engaged position as a safety precaution. The G2 Core DRS body is fully sealed for maintenance free use and is built from 6061 aluminum for superior corrosion resistance. The arms are built from 4140 chromoly steel and feature multiple attachment points to further fine tune the handling of your vehicle. The system can also accommodate manual sway bar disconnect links to completely disconnect the sway bar from the front differential.

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5.0 G2 dual rate sway bar system

Worth every dollar I paid for this system. I was previously using Currie antirocks front and rear. Constantly had issues with the fronts coming loose and also had a daily struggle to keep in my own lane on the highway and couldn’t go over 65mph without my abs kicking in, also had to keep my hands in a specific location on the steering wheel or suffer through trying to correct some serious body roll if I hit a bad part in the road. Finally had enough and swapped them for the dual rate system and can’t say enough good stuff about them. My steering and stability have improved 100% with no drifting and I can now drive at highway speeds with no issues and it no longer matters where my hands are on the steering wheel . Off road has also improved with more travel which I confirmed on the ramp where I noticed a significant change. Below 900’s w/ Curries and 1380 w/ dual core. It’s nice to have the switch when I’m leaving the trail to re-engage since I drive a 2017 JKU sport that’s been completely modified from the axles up. I would recommend this system based on my experience and would say this is my favorite item I have ever purchased and installed on my Jeep, which I would’ve never been able to say before about one specific thing when someone would ask what has been my favorite upgrade.

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G2 Axle & Gear uses the strongest and latest generation materials to manufacture products capable of handling heavy loads. When it comes to axle assemblies, core lockers, driveshafts and sway bars, G2 is the first name in durability and reliability. Off-roading can heap punishment on a Jeep and G2's laser-cut components offer superior handling on challenging terrain and on-road drives. Parts are easy to install and easy to service and above all, they remain operational in adverse environments. Shop G2 Axle and Gear Now