G2 AMC 20 Narrow Track CJ Rear Chromoly One Piece Axle Kit - 96-2025-1


  • G2 Axle and Gear | Part Number: G/296-2025-1
  • Popular Axle Manufacture:AMC
  • Includes Differential:None
  • Position:Rear
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Axle Spline:29 Splines


G2 Rear Axle Kits are made from high tensile alloy steels. These axles are forged and heat-treated for maximum strength. Big Spline options allow you to take advantage of even more added strength, gained from the larger diameter of the shafts. The larger diameter enables the shafts to withstand much higher torsional loads than the stock diameter. With either option, you can be assured that the weakest point of your driveline will not be your axle shafts.



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I have a 1977 cj7 with an amc 20 narrow Track. I installed the new g2 one piece axles, however, when fully installed, they are binding. What do I have to do to fix this?

Asked by Frank from Murphysboro, il on

Hello When they are first installed they will be very tight. If you can turn them by hand or with a short pry bar in the studs you will be ok. If they are so tight that they won't turn at all the thrust block my be cocked in the carrier. Sometimes if the thrust block tilts it will put a lot of load on the axles. The best bet would be to call in so they can go over more details since there are so many different things it could be. Thanks (877)852-7720

Answered by Rody from Murphysboro, il on

What kind of bearings are with this Kit??

Asked by AJ13 from Yucaipa on

Hi AJ13 The G/296-2025-1 kit comes with A9 bearings, It comes with the seals and press on collar. The collar and inner seal are unique to this kit. This is a great kit to upgrade your CJ AMC 20 rear axle. It comes complete with everything you need. Replacement parts are available from G/2 through 4wheelparts if you ever need them in the future. Thank You Jon Snyder 4Wheelparts

Answered by from Yucaipa on

Will this work with the quadratrac 4x4 system? And why are there some axle kits deemed "only" for quadratrac? Thank you.

Asked by Dean from Wisconsin on

Hello The Quadratrac has the offset rear axle to the right side. The G2 number is 96-2025-2 for the Quadratrac. The Quadratrac was used in the CJ7's 76-79 with automatic transmissions only.

Answered by Rody from Wisconsin on

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