G2 5x5.5 Inch Bolt Pattern with 1.25" Wheel Spacers (Black) - 93-85-125

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  • G2 Axle and Gear | Part Number: G/293-85-125
  • Bolt Pattern:5 on 5.5
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Thickness:1.25 inch
  • Adapter or Spacer:Spacer



When stock parts just will not cut it, G2 Axle & Gear has what you need to make your 4x4 faster, stronger and more reliable. Best known for our huge selection of ring and pinion ratios for nearly every differential produced in the last half century, G2 also produces other drivetrain components such as axle shafts, locking differentials, hubs, axle housings and even complete axle assemblies. Our CORE 44 axle assemblies are engineered to address every weakness of the stock Jeep Wrangler front axle at an affordable price. G2 has a huge distribution network, so when you need parts you can rest assured that you are never far from an authorized dealer of our high quality products. Our gear sets are manufactured to strict OE tolerances so you never have to guess about the quality of the parts you are receiving. We pride ourselves on customer service and all G2 components come with a minimum ten-year warranty. We are off- road driven and understand the environment our products are used in - that is how we come up with such innovative products to make your vehicle more reliable. With unmatched precision, strength, and quality, expect the best from G2 Axle & Gear.

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1.0 It doesn’t fit in my JGC 2018

It supposed to be 100% compatible with my Jeep Grand Cherokee but it wasn’t

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Question & Answers

28 Answered questions

Q: will they work on a 2010 ram 1500 4x4? Answer this question

A: I tried to mount these on my 2010 Ram 1500, but they did not fit, mounting holes TO small, I can make them fit with drilling but not sure about the life-time expectancy agter that

Answered by mitrax from Cincinnati, Oh on 03/20/2021

A: Yes these are universal fitment

Answered by Gabe from Los Angeles on 03/19/2021

Q: What is the center bore diameter? Can I mount the wheels off my 03 Ram 1500 on my 86 Ramcharger with these? Answer this question

A: The G/293-85-125 has a 4.25” center bore and will fit the 1986 Ramcharger.

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 10/20/2021

Q: Does these come in a set of 2 or 4? Answer this question

A: They are a set of 2

Answered by JaysXJ on 12/28/2020

Q: Will these fit 1993 Ford Bronco4WD if not do you sell ones that do? Answer this question

A: Hello Hugh The G/293-85-125 Wheel Spacers will fit your 1993 Bronco Thank You for your question Jon Snyder 4Wheelparts

Answered by RK on 09/11/2015

Q: Do these fit a 2004 Dodger Ram 4x4? Another post says they do but I can't get them to fit. The holes on the adapter are the correct pattern but don't fit over the vehicle's studs. The studs on the adapter appear to be smaller diameter also. Answer this question

A: Hello They are for the Jeeps CJ's with half inch studs. Your truck has the 14mm stud which are equal to a 9/16th stud. They aren't recommended for your truck. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 03/14/2015


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