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Flowmaster Super 44 Delta Flow Muffler - 842546

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Utilizing Delta Flow Technology, this muffler gives the best performance to higher horsepower vehicles. The Super 40 features a black, oversize case, which helps reduce resonance while the deep outside tone says it is a Flowmaster

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Q: Will it make my v6 challeger sound as good as a v8 Answer this question

A: The Flowmaster Exhaust Super 44 Delta Flow Muffler will give you a more aggressive tone that you are looking for. Hope this helps!

Answered by Leon on 12/24/2014


For over 30 years, Flowmaster has been producing exhaust products to combat noise issues that first cropped up on race tracks in California. The question was how to reduce sound without compromising performance? Advanced engineering and ample testing set Flowmaster's product line apart from competitors and a few of their more noteworthy parts include chambered mufflers, laminar flow designs and high flow catalytic converters. We carry Jeep exhaust pipes, exhaust flanges and complete exhaust systems among other Flowmaster products. The company's patented technologies, innovative designs and focus on performance keep Flowmaster at the forefront of aftermarket exhaust manufacturers. Shop Flowmaster Exhaust Now