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This Custom shrouded s-blade electric fan will fit 1987-06 Wranglers with 4 or 6 cylinder. With it is solid brackets it mounts directly to the O.E. radiator-mounting points. The X-TREME moves 3300 cubic feet per minute, draws only 18 amps, and dissipates over 50% more heat than competitive 16 inch fans on the market. Has all the same great features that the 180 Black Magic X-TREME Fan has. Part #30928 required for installation. Sold separately.


fan clearence issues and still over heat

The fan hit pump studs and bolts to close.bought counter sink bit and bolts now 1/2 to 3/4 clearence. fan worked good going slow driving down road at 60/70 engine gets hot had to turn on manuel switch.. easy install and wireing.

from bakersfield ca |
Waste of money

I bought this fan to keep my 2000 Jeep TJ cooler when running the A/C. Before motor temp was stable at approx. 200 degrees. After 4 hour install, I went for a test drive with A/C on full to see if it kept the temp down to around 180 degrees. Motor temp kept rising. At 220 degrees and rising I parked it at idle until the temp came down shut it off. Fan can't keep up with cooling. For almost $400, very disappointed.

from Valley Center, CA |

The fan Itself seems decent, installed easily and seems to pull the air well when it was working. Now the junk relay (the relay is not sealed and open to the elements dust, dirt etc. and is generic) is a whole other issue, when it was working the temperature was erratic at best and it was impossible to calibrate the temperature even with super insulating the probe to see if It would be more consistent, but that didn't work, the issue was in the relay but thats the good part. Now the bad, I was wheelin my Jeep started heating up, I caught it about 240 degrees shut it down and inspected. I found the shrink tubing around the connectors at the relay burnt off ( I soldered all the connections and shrink tubed them for a reliable install) and signs of a fire and a dead fan, well I managed to rig it up to get home and inspect again to find that the battery hot connector just fell off. The relay is pure junk and I feel lucky I didn't burn my jeep down or warp a head. Oh, and before I forget, when I received the fan all it came with was the relay and fan, no connectors, wiring and whatever else I was supposed to receive. This fan may be marginal for a mall crawler, but for any serious off roader who spends any real time in the dirt you might want to reconsider. Theres nothing like spending hard earned money on a junk novelty.

from Lake Powell, AZ |
Great until the warranty runs out

This unit works great until about a week after the warranty expires. The fan motor was nice but the control unit is not durable at all. I went thru 2 of them (warranty) and then had the "fancy" adjustable speed control module sent. It worked great for about a month....resulted in overheating in rush hour Texas sun and a cracked piston sleeve. buy 2 at a time so you won't get stuck. they are easy to swap. (go figure)

from Texas |
Excellent Fan and Increased Performance

I put this on my 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport 6cyl after it starting overheating this summer in Atlanta traffic. The first thing I noticed was it seems to accelerate quicker and the gas mileage increased. I'm getting about 30-40 more miles per tank which doesn't sound like much to most people, but for a Jeep that is a ton since it gets horrible gas mileage anyway. Installation was easy, picked it up in the afternoon and had it installed a few hours later. It has not overheated since I installed the fan and AC blows nice and cold while sitting in traffic for hours at a time.

from Atlanta, GA |
The cooling effect

Will help cool in very slow conditions or winching.

from Deer Park, WA. |


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Can this fan be set up to work off of a switch? And adjustable thermostat?

Asked by Cdraper from Carlsbad California on

Hello Cdraper, Flex-A-Lite High Performance X-TREME Electric Fan can be set up to run off a switch.

Answered by Nick from Carlsbad California on


Fife, Washington-headquartered Flex-a-lite has specialized in performance cooling products for over 50 years. The company's innovative "flex fan" concept reduces drag on engines and increases horsepower to the wheels. Performance components include radiators, electric and belt-driven fans and oil and fuel coolers, and Flex-a-lite's team of engineers is dedicated to innovation and thorough product testing. "Still Makin' It in the USA" is their motto and Flex-a-lite products have a reputation for being durable, fuel efficient and easy to install. We carry a variety of parts and accessories for Jeeps ranging from radiators to cooling fans to fan blades and off-roaders count on their proven track record for improving overall engine performance. Shop Flex-A-Lite Now