Fastway Trailer Products 0-6 Inch Drop Adjustable Ball Mount (Polished) - DT-STBM6600

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  • Fastway Trailer Products | Part Number: DTMDT-STBM6600
  • Amount Of Drop Or Rise:Adjustable
  • Finish:Polished
  • Shank Size:2 Inches X 2 Inches
  • Ball Hole Size:Fixed
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


These Super Light Weight Adjustable Billet Aluminum Ball Mounts Are Machined From Aircraft Grade High Strength Billet Aluminum For Maximum Strength And Reliability. You Can Use These Ball Mounts With Multiple Trailers By Simply Adjusting The Ball To The Proper Height. The Most Unique Features Of These Ball Mounts In Fastways Unique Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Anti Rattle Balls That Take Up The Slack In Your Receiver And Virtually Eliminate Any Chance Of Rattling.

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Toyota Tundra Limited Silver. Sharp, Aluminum....

Great Adjustable Hitch. Looks great, and works great!

from null |
best hitch money can buy

Love to just have this one quality good looking hitch versus two different sizes with multiple drops.

from Dexter, MI |


Question & Answers

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does this fit a 2 inch receiver? How does it adjust from one position to another? What class hitch is this?

Asked by Tom from VA on

Hello there, the Diversi-Tech Diversi-Tech 0-6in. Drop Adjustable Ball Mount has the following features 0, 2, 4, 6, inch drops Dual hitch balls (1-7/8″ and 2″ combo, or 2″ and 2-5/16″ combo) Chrome plated or stainless steel hitch balls Stainless tri-ball system includes all 3 hitch ball sizes 2″ or 2-1/2″ shank sizes - See more at: Selecting the proper ball mount drop or rise for your trailer For safe, comfortable trailer towing, the trailer should always be set up to tow as level as possible. A level trailer puts less strain on the connection between the trailer and the hitch. This also allows the trailer to track true behind the vehicle. Trailer and vehicle heights vary so a correct rise or drop will be needed to level the trailer. Determining the correct rise and drop needed for your vehicle can be determined by using the following simple steps. 1. Measure receiver height 1 With the vehicle parked on level ground, measure the hitch height from the ground to the top of the receiver opening on the hitch. 2. Measure coupler height 2 Next, you will need to measure from the bottom of the trailer’s coupler to the ground. Make sure the trailer is on level ground and the trailer itself is level. 3. Subtract the difference Compute the difference between the receiver height and the coupler height. If the hitch height is greater than the coupler height, the difference is the drop that is required. If the coupler height is greater, then the difference is the rise that is required. Select a fixed drop or adjustable ball mount with a rise or drop that is closest to the difference you come up with. For example, if the receiver hitch height is 26″ and the trailers coupler height is 20″. Then a 6” drop ball mount would be a perfect drop for this application. Please account for some adjustment if air bags are not being used to prevent the truck from sinking a little when loaded.

Answered by Ray Ray from VA on


Fastway Trailer was started in 1945 by Edward Hedgepeth in Salt Lake City, Utah and back then the company was called Mobile Manufacturing. The company went through a few iterations and is currently based in Provo, Utah, but their values have not changed over the years. Fastway Trailer is still committed to providing Jeep owners with towing solutions and products that are so well made that a Jeep owner can feel peace of mind on the road. From ball mounts to jack foots to breakaway cables, Fastway Trailer has been an innovator in Jeep towing accessories for years. Its products have been featured in the magazine Popular Mechanics and have also won national awards. Shop Fastway Trailer Products Now