Energy Suspension Jack Strap Handle Holder (Red) - 9.9466R

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Support your sagging jack handle and get it back up where it belongs. Designed specifically to fit high-liftstyle off-road type jacks, the Jack Strap secures the loose and noisy jack handle with indestructible HYPER-FLEX polyurethane. Unique "thru-hole" design allows a secure and flush fit mounting on most vehicle bumpers, beds and rails. It stays on the jack all the time because the design allows the handle to complete its ratcheting cycle. Other designs do not- and have to be taken off to allows the jack to move upward. No more embarrassing rattling parts on your ultimate off-road ride. The perfect solution to a persistent problem!


fits like a glove

keeps the jack handle in place.

from NH |
will recommend!


from jemison, al |
Jack Handle holder works great!

I bought two of them to hold the High Lift handle and bar together. There isn't a real good place to haul this jack in a JK, so I disassembled it and put the base in the storage compartment. The handle and bar are held together with two Jack Strap Handle Holders. Then with a three inch U Bolt I attached the bar to a roll bar next to the window. The holder keeps the two pieces nice and snug. I give the Jack Strap Handle Holders by Energy Suspension an A+!

from Green Bay WI |

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For over 30 years, Energy Suspension has specialized in producing superior polyurethane aftermarket components for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. The company's innovations include control arm bushings containing outer metal shells, polyurethane ball joint and tie rod dust boots and their Hyper-Flex System. We carry a variety of bushing kits for Jeeps that improve suspension performance, control torque and help cushion rides to keep things quiet. Energy Suspension's experience in formulating polyurethane materials translates to durable rubber bushings engineered to last and stand up to contaminants and the rigors of off-road wheeling. Shop Energy Suspension Now