Eaton Detroit Locker Ford 10.25 Inch/10.5 Inch Automatic Locker - 225SL56A |

Eaton Detroit Locker Ford 10.25 Inch/10.5 Inch Automatic Locker - 225SL56A

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  • Eaton | Part Number: EAT225SL56A
  • Popular Axle Manufacture:Ford
  • Axle Location:Rear
  • Axle Type:Ford 10.25 Inches|Ford 10.5 Inches
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Axle Spline:35 Splines
  • Differential Type:Automatic Locker


The Detroit Locker maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, and has the ability to automatically allow wheel speed differentiation when required. No other performance differential has the reputation for delivering traction in mud, snow, rocks and on the track.

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Q: Would this be ok to tow with? I understand it would lock when trying to back up and get the trailer into a tight spot, and if I were going down the road and hit a slippery spot, it would lock, but would it be ok on the locker? My truck has LS, but I think the clutches are slipping, Plus, I like have both tires driving, instead of the LS trying to switch power, when it really cant. Thanks Answer this question

A: Hello They are locked anytime you are on the throttle. It will ramp up and disengage going around corners if you let off the gas. That is in forward and reverse on the gas locked off gas turning unlocked. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 03/10/2015

Q: I was wondering if it unlocks when cornering on dry pavement? Or am I thinking about the True Trac? Answer this question

A: Hello Tylor, the Detroit Locker Ford 10.25in./10.5in. Automatic Locker part# EAT225SL56A will unlock on pavement when you are going around corners as long as you are off the gas. The tru trac is much better for street use. Thank you for your questions.

Answered by mikey on 01/16/2015

Q: Have f250 I drive daily for work on the highway alot will it cause me trouble like breaking axle or anything don't care about a little noise 2006 f250 Answer this question

A: Hello Jack, the Detroit Locker Ford 10.25in./10.5in. Automatic Locker part# EAT225SL56A can be used on the highway but it will be a bit noisy and difficult around corners. The Detroit Trutrac would be a better option for a daily driver. Thank you for your inquiry.

Answered by mikey on 01/06/2015

Q: I have a 2006f350 ford 6.0 single rear tires what are the spec for installing this locker and what locker would you recommend for the front axle I am getting tired of getting stuck with one in the back spinning and one in the front spinning. I am running all stock gears and pro Comp all terrain xtream 35x12.50R18 tires. Answer this question

A: Hi Dennis The Detroit locker is a direct replacement in your Ford 10.5" rear Axle and does not require any special components although i would recommend a bearing kit G/235-2046A as it comes with all the shims, ring gear bolts and carrier bearings to make the installation much easier. For the front Dana 60 we have many options. the Selectable lockers are the most driveable in 4 wd on the street as you only lock it when needed.. The Automatic Lockers will give you a very heavy steering feel on the street in 4wd but offer the maximum traction with out thinking about it. A very effective unit in mud and sand yet still driveable on street are the Limited Slips, I personally run a limited slip on my own vehicles and am happy with the performance. Hope this helps Thank You

Answered by Stevie on 01/05/2015

Q: How do I install this? Answer this question

A: Newbie- Thanks for the question. When installing the Detroit Locker Ford 10.25in./10.5in. Automatic Locker you will need the installation kit that includes shims and bearings. New gears are recommend any time you are installing a new carrier. It can be done in your drive way but it is not a simple install. Some of the tools needed to install these gears include, torque wrench, dial calipers and air tools.

Answered by Mike on 05/27/2014


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