Dynatrac ProGrip Performance Brake Kit - JK44-2X1125-A

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  • Dynatrac | Part Number: DPCJK44-2X1125-A
  • Rotor Type:Standard
  • Includes Brake Lines:Does Not Include Brake Lines
  • Rotors Coated:Rotors Coated
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • Brake Position:Front And Rear


Dynatrac is setting a new standard in brake upgrades for the Jeep Wrangler JK with the introduction of its ProGrip Brake System, designed to provide a significant braking improvement during off-roading and daily-driving experiences as well as in emergency stops. The Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System comes with larger rotors for the front and rear, providing improved braking by moving the factory calipers farther from the axle centerline. The increased rear braking power provides balanced braking, reducing nose dive and dramatically improving the control of the vehicle in mild and hard braking conditions compared to upgrades that only address the front brakes. Significant research was done to select the optimum front and rear brake-pad linings to balance the system and provide additional stopping power. Fully instrumented testing showed lower brake pedal pressure and a reduction in stopping distances of up to 30 percent compared to stock brakes on a Jeep JK outfitted with a 4-inch lift and 37-inch-tall tires. Measured G-force during moderate braking (1,000-psi brake fluid pressure) increased from 0.48 Gs with stock brakes to 0.63 Gs with the Dynatrac ProGrip system. Another key advantage is that installation of the system does not require opening the brake hydraulics, thus avoiding the chore of bleeding the brakes after installation. Additionally, brake pedal feel and travel is improved after upgrading to the Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System. The Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System fits Jeep Wranglers with 17-inch wheels (wheel spacers are required with 17-inch factory wheels), and the system will fit in nearly all aftermarket wheels without spacers.


Awesome stopping power

Easily installed in an afternoon, just don't break a calliper bracket bolt like I did. Dodge doesn't keep many on hand. One issue with quality control, one of the sliding pin holes had not been blown out and still contained a bunch of metal shards inside (caused pin to seize when inserted). Huge improvement in stopping power over stock breaks. I'm only running 32's but I feel it would do sufficiently for much larger wheels as well.

from Chilliwack, BC |

Question & Answers

2 Answered questions

I have a 2008 2 door JK Rubicon with OE 17" wheels. Will a spacer be required for the Rubicon wheels? If so how big and do you carry them.

Asked by For Bessie My Little Red Mule from on

Hello For, 1.5" wheel spacers will be required to run the factory wheels. We suggest upgrading to an aftermarket wheel with 3.5" to 4.25" or backspace. Thank you.

Answered by from on

Does this product come with steel braided brake lines or will it fit the ones I have on my factory brakes?

Asked by skyliarjk from louisiana on

Hello skyliarjk, The Dynatrac ProGrip Performance Brake Kit DPCJK44-2X1125-A does not come with brake lines. We do suggest you upgrade to a stainless steel braided line kit for your vehicle. Thank you.

Answered by from louisiana on


Known for its brawny axle assemblies, Dynatrac got its start in the early 1990s when founder Jim McGean was building axles in his garage for off-road enthusiast friends. When others resorted to low quality parts from overseas, he took a stand and maintained production here in the states. Dynatrac's innovations include the high-clearance ProRock 60, Free-Spin hub conversion kits and heavy-duty DynaLoc locking hubs. Every axle manufactured undergoes 117 inspections during its assembly for quality assurance and the Huntington Beach, California-headquarted company has a deserving reputation as a manufacturer of high quality innovative components. Shop Dynatrac Now