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Dynatrac Dodge Dana 60 Free Spin Kit - CR60-3X1104-B

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  • Dynatrac | Part Number: DPCCR60-3X1104-B
  • Serviceable Wheel Bearings:Has Serviceable Wheel Bearings
  • Includes Larger Stub Axle :Larger Than Stock
  • Retains Factory Wheel Bolt Pattern:Retains Factory Wheel Bolt Pattern
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


Designed specifically to remove a weak link in popular Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks, Dynatracs Free-Spin Heavy Duty Hub Conversion Kits replace the factory unit bearings with fixed spindles for superior strength, improved fuel economy, and smooth performance.

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5 Answered questions

Q: I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 dually will this kit work or do I need adaptors Answer this question

A: Hello Carmen, Yes, this kit will fit your vehicle application.

Answered by RK on 03/25/2015

Q: Hello Sir, I have a 2004 dodge 2500 with 4 wheel antilock brake system. Does this kit have a plug and play wheel sensors available so my system will remain working and avoid a a failed vehicle inspection issue. Thank you Roy Answer this question

A: Hello there,This is a commonly misunderstood issue. ABS ring seals aren’t great and frequently do a poor job of keeping debris out. If debris gets in and can’t easily get out, damage could occur. We believe that exposed ABS rings can easily shed water and debris that a seal might retain. In fact, the tone rings on the rear of many Dodge trucks and millions of other vehicles equipped with 4-wheel ABS, are completely exposed to the elements. Vehicles with older 3-channel and single-channel ABS systems have a single rear sensor that plugs into the rear diff. Newer vehicles with 4-channel, 4-wheel ABS usually have a sensor at each rear wheel, near the brakes, that is completely exposed to the outside world. The stock tone ring on the front of Dodge, Ford and GM trucks is enclosed inside the front Unit Bearing because that is the least expensive way to package and deliver it to the assembly line. This is true whenever a Unit Bearing is employed on the front axle by the OEM.

Answered by Ray Ray on 10/29/2014

Q: Will this work on my 2010 Dodge 2500 Answer this question

A: Hello Barbone, the Dynatrac Dodge Dana 60 Free Spin Kit By Dynatrac will not fit your vehicle. however They do make a kit that does. Please give me a call direct for pricing because this kit is not currently available on our site. 310-900-2664 ask for Wayne. Thank you for your inquiry.

Answered by mikey on 09/28/2014

Q: I am looking for the free spin kit for my 99 dodge ram 1500 is there one made for it. Answer this question

A: Hi Dan We do not carry a free spin kit for the 1/2 ton Dodges only the 2500/3500. Thank You

Answered by Stevie on 02/08/2014

Q: will this fit my 2500 ram or do you make one for the 2500 Answer this question

A: Guy depending on the actual year of your dodge it should have a Dana 60 in it if your truck is a Dana 44there is not a kit available at this time for your truck. thank you

Answered by steve on 10/16/2013


Known for its brawny axle assemblies, Dynatrac got its start in the early 1990s when founder Jim McGean was building axles in his garage for off-road enthusiast friends. When others resorted to low quality parts from overseas, he took a stand and maintained production here in the states. Dynatrac's innovations include the high-clearance ProRock 60, Free-Spin hub conversion kits and heavy-duty DynaLoc locking hubs. Every axle manufactured undergoes 117 inspections during its assembly for quality assurance and the Huntington Beach, California-headquarted company has a deserving reputation as a manufacturer of high quality innovative components. Shop Dynatrac Now


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