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Dynatrac Dodge Dana 60 Free Spin Kit - CR60-3X1104-A

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  • Dynatrac | Part Number: DPCCR60-3X1104-A
  • Includes Larger Stub Axle :Larger Than Stock
  • Retains Factory Wheel Bolt Pattern:Retains Factory Wheel Bolt Pattern
  • Serviceable Wheel Bearings:Has Serviceable Wheel Bearings
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


Designed specifically to remove a weak link in popular Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks, Dynatracs Free-Spin Heavy Duty Hub Conversion Kits replace the factory unit bearings with fixed spindles for superior strength, improved fuel economy, and smooth performance.

Customer Reviews

4.9 4.9
8 Customer ratings
5.0 easy to install...a perfect fit

way better than stock...the quality is obvious...I knoww it will save me money in the long run...wish I would have got these when the stock bearing assembly went out the first time...Better readable copies of the schematic would help but all in all not a bad install

from emerald isle nc |
5.0 Yes, it works, saves tires and gas

I installed this kit on my 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 long bed, four door, 4WD, Hemi, auto truck. Took the old Dodge junk out of the front and put this kit in. Completely different truck, stopped eating and cupping the front tires, turns nice, no hopping, and rides quieter. Ran it now for about 6500 miles, 1200 mile highway trip and the rest local driving. Saw an increase in mileage from 10.0 average and 10.3 high sometimes, 12.8 highway, before the kit, to a 11.3 average, and 14.3 highway, so it is alot better. I am running Firestone MT lugs too, so it still helped. Truck weighs about 7900lbs, with tanks, and hitches. I know it is a Dodge, but it handles like my old F250 trucks, easy to install. Only thing I did not like, is the new studs are too long to put the hubcaps back on the front and lock under the lugnuts, so I doubled the lug nuts on 4 of them, and the hub cap sticks out a bit, but looks good. Solution is to put in the shorter studs if you have them on it from new. As far as customer service, very helpful, no issues, great tech support, as my wheel bearing on the old set went out two days before the kit came in. They expressed it to the house, no issues.

from Pennsylvania |
5.0 Awesome product!

This is the way Dodge should've sold the truck. Replaced two bearings on my '06 2500 Megacab diesel. When the third OEM "Unit" bearing needed replaced @ 215,000 miles, I looked at other options and found this kit. I have ran five tanks of fuel since the Freespin Hub Kit was installed and have picked-up 1.5 to 2 mpg depending on how I ran the truck. And the fact that the bearing are serviceable as well as economically replaceable makes this a no-brainer. Struggled with doing this to a truck with as many miles as I have but I will keep the truck and this just plain makes sense.

from Fort Wayne, IN |
5.0 Best upgrade

Improved my gas mileage

from Yelm wa |
5.0 installed on 04 ram 3500 with 35000km.

old hubs and u-joints were dried out at 35000km so replace joints with greasable ones.I used precision by federal mogul #464.kit is very well machined [...]

from calgary,canada |
5.0 Best Upgrade

Truck drives better then brand new now, awesome!

from TX |
4.0 Expensive but worth it

This product is amazing...I can not really say go out and change your hubs today, but if you suspect anything wrong with the factory hubs these are the replacements. I now have the same performance that a friend has in his 2 wheel drive. I also have the piece of mind knowing that my universals are new and if my wheel bearing goes out it won't cost me near as much...Also Dynatrac is awsome when it comes to customer service.

from Gainesville, FL |
5.0 free spin kit

i got a 2.5 mpg on my dodge cummins 2500 4x4 they alredy paying for them selfs

from tucson az |

Question & Answers

8 Answered questions

Q: 2002 Dodge Ram 2500, 5.9 l magnum V8,4x4 do you supply the spicer u-joints for the Dana 60 kit? Answer this question

A: Hello Yes we have them in stock part number D/S SPL55-3x you will need to order two. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 09/02/2015

Q: hi , i have a 2008 megacab 2500 cummins. you have it listed as it only fits up yo 2007 , so i take it there is another product number to fit the 2008 dodge?. if so what wouldthat number be. thanks again also is dyna trac giving any promotions . what is the warranty on this or can i get a extended warranty through 4 wheel parts thanks Answer this question

A: Hello This is the correct kit for your 2008 Dodge 2500 2000 - 2008 Here is a link to their warranty and yes 4 wheel does offer the extreme warranty on this part. http://www.dynatrac.com/index.php/dynatrac-limited-warranty thanks

Answered by Rody on 08/03/2015

Q: Hi iam in aust and have a 2003 dodge ram 1500 5.7 it has 5 wheel studs will this unit fit my ram thank you terry wendt Answer this question

A: Hello This kit is for the straight axle trucks with the Dana 60 axle found in the 2500/3500. They don't offer a kit for the 1500's Thanks

Answered by Rody on 07/14/2015

Q: I'm in Argentina and I have a Ram 2500 SLT 4 X 4 whith 5.9 Cummins, and AAM front axle, what is the correct part number of spin kit? Answer this question

A: Hello Klaus The DPCCR60-3X1104-A kit would be the correct choice for a 2000 to 2008 RAM2500. It is and excellent product and a very smart thing to do for Big Dodge. This kit comes with heat treated chrome-molly spindles and 35 chrome-molly stub axles. It also comes with bearings, seals and Warn Hubs. It does not come with new drive axle u-joints so I recommend 2 each of D/S5006813 Dana-Spicer u-joints to fit the AAM front axles. Thank You for your question. Jon Snyder 4Wheelparts

Answered by RK on 06/13/2015

Q: I have a 2011 ram 3500 4x4 5500# ft axle, will this fit. It is a conv. axle non locking? Answer this question

A: Hi Mopar Blaise The Dynatrac CR60-3X1104-H is the correct unit for your 2011 Dodge Ram 3500. This kit is not on our site as of yet but is available through our phone center by calling Toll Free 877 474-4821. Thank You

Answered by Stevie on 12/31/2014


Known for its brawny axle assemblies, Dynatrac got its start in the early 1990s when founder Jim McGean was building axles in his garage for off-road enthusiast friends. When others resorted to low quality parts from overseas, he took a stand and maintained production here in the states. Dynatrac's innovations include the high-clearance ProRock 60, Free-Spin hub conversion kits and heavy-duty DynaLoc locking hubs. Every axle manufactured undergoes 117 inspections during its assembly for quality assurance and the Huntington Beach, California-headquarted company has a deserving reputation as a manufacturer of high quality innovative components. Shop Dynatrac Now


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