Daystar Comfort Ride 1.5 Inch Front Leveling Lift Kit - KC09103BK


  • Daystar | Part Number: DAYKC09103BK
  • Rear Lift Method (Where Applicable):Front Lift Only
  • Front Lift Method:Coil Spring Spacers
  • Finish Color:Black
  • Position:Front
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • Spacer Material:Polyurethane


Daystar Comfort Ride Suspension kits are the perfect choice for a lift that will not only increase vehicle height, but enhance performance. Improve ground clearance, allow for larger tires, utilize most of the stock components and improve the all around


2006 Dodge Ram 2WD, Reg Cab

I bought this leveling kit for a 2006 Dodge Ram, 2WD, Reg cab. I couldn't stand the rake of the truck the way it was. After reading a couple of reviews where guys mentioned that they only got a .5" of lift out of it, I started talking myself out of purchasing this kit, as I wouldn't have been happy with that. [...] I am not disapointed. Even though this kit claims to be a 1.5" lift I got 1.8" of lift after it was installed. My truck has a V6 so the front end would be lighter in weight then say a truck with the hemi. Maybe the extra weight of a V8 would take it down to 1.5"? Even with the 1.8" lift my truck is still not level, but is alot better then it was and looks great. The ride is not as smooth as it was before the kit was installed. Even though the kit doesn't compress the front coil springs, the ride feels a bit stiffer and when you hit a pothole in the road you feel it more. This maybe due to the front shocks being extented more, not sure. I did leave the factory front shocks in place. The reason I rated this product a 4 and not a 5 was the price of the install. Even though the price of the kit is less then $50.00, It cost me $400.00 to have [...] install it and re-align the front end. ( The front end does have to be re-aligned )I could have installed this myself but didn't have the time to fool with it. Even after paying $400 for the modification I am very happy with this product and the way it made the truck look.[...]

from Fort Worth, Texas |
great product

I am really pleased with the height & stance of my truck witht eh leveling kit installed. It truly did bring the front end up to level with the rear. Although the kit is inexpensive once you added in the cost to install, new shocks & alignment it became somewhat pricy.

from Colleyville, TX |

Put these on my Isuzu Trooper, yeah I know, they're for a Dodge but they have the same part number. Installed them in the rear to get a little extra clearance. Did just what I wanted. Great fit and keep the factory ride.

from Columbia, SC |
Perfect fit for my Dodge Ram

Leveling was perfect and the truck looks great.

from HB |
PERFECT FIT for 99-01 Isuzu VehiCROSS

Though listed for the front of a Dodge Durango, this kit is also a perfect fit for the rear springs on an Isuzu VehiCROSS. Ride quality is immediately improved since the bump stops are now further from the axle. Mild enough of a lift not to significantly impact street driving while providing additional clearance for offroad duty. Big bang for your buck.

from Newport News, VA |
leveling kit

2 wheel drive Dodge trucks have always sit lower infront.Dodge should of included this from factory and i was not about to lower my truck to even it out look great gave it a more agresive look.

from Maricopa,Az |
Great product easy to instal .

I used this product to raise the front of my truck 2 inches . i got alot more it gave me a smoother ride .

from Houston , Tx |
Will do business again

Product says 1.5 lift but it really lifts 0.50 , but other than that it works great & easy to install with no squeeks

from Crowley,Tx. |
Looks/Rides Good

Raises the front end slightly without the need for new shocks...If I were to do it again,I would go for the 2 1/2" lift and add the necessary shocks to gain more lift. Overall, a great value and incredible price.

from Irvine,Ca |
Don't waste your money

Bought the 1.5" spacer lift kit to lift the front of my truck a bit. Paid over $200.00 to have it installed but only got about a half inch lift. Product advertises 1.5" lift. Go figure.

from Dover, Fla |

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Hello, I have a 2011 1500 2WD Laramie, I was wondering if I have to remove the coil spring or compress it in order to install the spacers? Thanks in advance.

Asked by Tony from on

Hello Tony, a coil spring compressor is recommended for installation on the Daystar ComfortRide 1.5 Inch Front Suspension Coil Spring Spacer Kit. Thank you for your inquiry.

Answered by mikey from on

hi i was wondering if this will fit an 03 dodge ram 1500 2wd, and if so what shocks will work after its installed?

Asked by Devin from on

Hello Devin, the Daystar ComfortRide 1.5 Inch Front Suspension Coil Spring Spacer Kit part# DAYKC09103BK will work on your truck. The oem shocks will be long enough for the 1.5" spacer kit. Thank you for your questions

Answered by mikey from on

This won't work with a Diesel engine?

Asked by Big Jim from Long Island NY on

Hello Big Jim and thank you for your question! Daystar ComfortRide 1.5 Inch Front Suspension Coil Spring Spacer Kit is vehicle specific.

Answered by Nick from Long Island NY on

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