Currie Enterprises Low Pinion 60 Rear Axle with 4.10 Gears and Eaton Truetrac Locker - CE-KR6100T41

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  • Currie | Part Number: CURCE-KR6100T41
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern:5 On 5 Inches
  • Traction Device:Detroit True Trac
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Housing Type:07-Up Jeep JK Dana 60
  • Front Or Rear:Rear
  • Axle Spline:40 Splines
  • Gear Ratio:4.10
  • Brakes:Reuse Factory


The Currie LP60 rear axle for the Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU is the perfect direct bolt-in upgrade for multi-purpose commuters, Overlanders, and tow vehicles that also see off-road use. The LP60 features efficient low-pinion 60 gears, large 3.5-inch diameter axle tubes, and 40-spline axles to provide a massive upgrade in strength and reliability over the stock JK rear axle assembly. Additionally, the LP60 retains the factory wheel bolt pattern so that you can keep those nice wheels.

The Currie LP60 low-pinion rear axle for the 2007 and newer Wrangler JK/JKU is a direct bolt-in axle assembly with all required brackets and mounts in place. The vehicle's factory brakes will be retained and installed on the new LP60 axle. The factory driveshaft will require modification or replacement to accommodate the larger 60 series housing and 1350 series u-joint.

ABS Sensors - The stock axle must be retained and installed on the Currie housing
Brake Components - Retains the stock rear disc brake rotors and calipers. Mounting brackets are designed to reuse the stock factory brake components from the vehicle.
Wheel and Tire Size - 17-inch or larger wheels are required for proper clearance of the brake calipers. The maximum recommended tire size is 39-inches for semi-floating axles.
Overall Width - Axle width is 65.375 inches (Factory stock) between wheel mounting surfaces

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Since 1959, Corona, California-based Currie Enterprises has been currying favor with Jeep enthusiasts by manufacturing suspension systems and accessories, driveline parts and steering components that withstand grueling off-road conditions. With the rise in interest in off-roading in the 1970s, the company focused its attention on trucks and Jeeps, specifically rearends. Replacing worn out or damaged suspension parts like leaf spring bushings goes a long way toward improving off-road performance and Currie's specialty products exceed expectations. Addressing the needs of a variety of Jeep models, Currie is the right choice when you want to lift your Jeep, upgrade the steering or take the guesswork out of making a safe mounting. Shop Currie Now


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