Currie Enterprises High Pinion 44 Front Axle with 5.38 Gears and Eaton E-Locker - CE-JF4404E53

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  • Currie | Part Number: CURCE-JF4404E53
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern:Reuse Factory Ends
  • Traction Device:Eaton E-Locker
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Housing Type:97-06 TJ/84-01 XJ Dana 44
  • Front Or Rear:Front
  • Axle Spline:30 Splines
  • Gear Ratio:5.38
  • Brakes:Reuse Factory


Currie 44 high-pinion front axle for Jeep TJ/LJ/XJ vehicles, is a direct bolt-in assembly with superior strength in a light-weight package that's designed for heavy off-road use


Outer Knuckle Assemblies: The Currie 44 is designed to reuse the complete stock TJ/TJ/XJ outer knuckle assemblies from the ball joints out (knuckles, hubs, disk brake calipers and rotors)

Differential Carriers: The center section is designed to use standard Dana 44 cariers (ARB RD117 or Eaton Elocker 19977-010).

Overall Width: Axle width is 60.250 inches (stock TJ width) between wheel mounting surfaces

Tire Size: Recommended maximum 37-inch tire size due to the inherent limitations of the stock brakes, wheel bearings, and axle u-joints. Tires larger than 37-inches may require vehicle modification for proper clearance.

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Since 1959, Corona, California-based Currie Enterprises has been currying favor with Jeep enthusiasts by manufacturing suspension systems and accessories, driveline parts and steering components that withstand grueling off-road conditions. With the rise in interest in off-roading in the 1970s, the company focused its attention on trucks and Jeeps, specifically rearends. Replacing worn out or damaged suspension parts like leaf spring bushings goes a long way toward improving off-road performance and Currie's specialty products exceed expectations. Addressing the needs of a variety of Jeep models, Currie is the right choice when you want to lift your Jeep, upgrade the steering or take the guesswork out of making a safe mounting. Shop Currie Now


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