Currie 1310 Companion Flange Drive Shaft Adapter - 88-CFDA |

Currie 1310 Companion Flange Drive Shaft Adapter - 88-CFDA

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  • Currie | Part Number: CUR88-CFDA
  • Axle Location:Front|Rear
  • Axle Type:Ford 8.8 Inches
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


Companion Flange adapter designed for use with 1310 U-Joints. This part bolts to a 1310 series companion flange style yoke - as used on Currie High pinion 3rd. members, and adapts it to a standard 1310 u-joint. This part may also be used on yokes supplied in the Currie 231 transfer case Tailshaft slip yoke eliminator kits. Includes the metric socket head allen bolts and lock washers that would be necessary to bolt it to the rear-end yoke.

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Question & Answers

7 Answered questions

Q: I'm putting a 8.8 in a wrangler Tj will this work with the wrangler drive shaft? Answer this question

A: Hello Micah, Yes, the Currie 1310 Companion Flange Drive Shaft Adapter will fit your vehicle applicaion with a Ford 8.8 axle.

Answered by RK on 04/05/2015

Q: Hi Curious if this companion flange adapter fits my truck. My truck is a 1992 Toyota pu dlx ex cab 4wd with a v6 with the stock driveshaft with stock carrier bearing and stock read end. I typed this truck in my vehicle selection while searching for this part. This part came up in the search. In the part description it says it's primarily for a ford 8.8 rear end. I will measure the parts to compare and verify. Just thought I'd ask the question if this Toyota rearend and ford 8.8 rearend are one-n-the same. Thank you. Answer this question

A: Hello Jimmy, No, this will not fit the Toyota 8" or 8.4" axles.

Answered by RK on 03/28/2015

Q: Are these sold in pairs? Answer this question

A: Hello They are sold as each since normally you only need one per vehicle. They are usually needed when install the 8.8 Ford axle into a jeep.

Answered by Rody on 11/19/2014

Q: I have a 92 ranger v6 4.0 auto with stock drive line, 7.5 diff flange type, going to an 8.8 can this part mount to my stock u joint to mount on the 8.8? Answer this question

A: Hello Rudy Yes this will adapt your 1310 shaft to the 8.8 flange.

Answered by Rody on 08/04/2014

Q: The front flange adapter on my front drive shaft has a small piece broken off of it. With this flange fit my truck? It is a 1999 Ford F250 Super Duty 4x4 standard cab, automatic transmission, 5.4L engine. Thank you for your assistance. John Answer this question

A: Hi JonnyRock Your truck should have a standard style yoke that uses a set of straps to hold the u joint in place. we will need you to measure your U-Joint length to identify the correct yoke for your application. Thank You

Answered by Stevie on 07/07/2014


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