Centerforce Iron Flywheel - 400469 |

Centerforce Iron Flywheel - 400469

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  • Centerforce | Part Number: CEN400469
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


Centerforce iron flywheels are high quality O.E. cast iron replacements and are not SFI-certified for competition use.

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Q: what does it mean by un balanced? does it have to be balanced by a shop? Answer this question

A: Hi Chris Many engines are what are called externally balanced. the fly wheel and the crank dampener have an counter weight that is used th balance the crank shaft. so the engine is only balanced when the dampener and fly wheel are attached. if the flywheel does not have the attached weight the crank is not balanced, although the additional weight on the flywheel makes the flywheel its self unbalanced when it is attached to the crank it all works in harmony. Thank You

Answered by Stevie on 03/06/2014


Midway Industries, producers of Centerforce performance clutches, is the aftermarket industry's biggest national manufacturer of clutch and pressure plate systems. Centerforce was born in the 1980s out of Hot Rodder Bill Hays' efforts to design a clutch that could perform up to the demands of racetrack conditions with the use of non-asbestos friction facings. Hays' design was a success and the Centerforce Weighted Clutch System was patented. Midway Industries is still a three generation family run business and Centerforce products are still manufactured stateside in Prescott, Arizona. Midway Industries is extremely proud of Bill Hays' legacy of Centerforce clutches and seeks to continue offering Jeep drivers unmatched innovation and quality. Shop Centerforce Now