Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate - DF193890 |

Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate - DF193890

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  • Centerforce | Part Number: CENDF193890
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


Up To 90% Increase In Holding Capacity Over OEM, Use w/Engines Producing High Horsepower Output, Use w/Engines Producing High Torque Output, Provide Smooth Engagement and Light Pedal Pressure,90 Day Warranty

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4.0 Great Jeep Clutch

2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The Centerforce DF clutch kit is great for this application. Offroad using low gears and higher RPMs. The clutch excels in this area. As the RPMs increase the counter weights provide more clamp loading. Onroad the Rubicon tends to be geared lower than other Wrangler models so the RPMs are higher at highway speeds. Again as the RPMs increase the counter weights increase the clamp loading. This helps with my 35" tires. No clutch slippage or lose in power to rear wheels like my worn out stock clutch. The clutch pedal is great! Less pedal effort than the stock clutch. The only two negative things I have to say about the kit is the price and Centerforce customer service.(Sent to voicemail with no return calls it does not mater what time of day you call. Always voicemail.)

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Q: is there a difference between this clutch and a centerforce ll kit, this will be installed on a 2003 rubicon with 35" tires Answer this question

A: Hello This is just the pressure plate and disc. I'm not sure which kit you are talking about but if it is a Dual Friction it would be the same. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 03/12/2015


Midway Industries, producers of Centerforce performance clutches, is the aftermarket industry's biggest national manufacturer of clutch and pressure plate systems. Centerforce was born in the 1980s out of Hot Rodder Bill Hays' efforts to design a clutch that could perform up to the demands of racetrack conditions with the use of non-asbestos friction facings. Hays' design was a success and the Centerforce Weighted Clutch System was patented. Midway Industries is still a three generation family run business and Centerforce products are still manufactured stateside in Prescott, Arizona. Midway Industries is extremely proud of Bill Hays' legacy of Centerforce clutches and seeks to continue offering Jeep drivers unmatched innovation and quality. Shop Centerforce Now