Bilstein 4 5100 Series Shocks For Most Lifted Trucks with Shock Boots, Gas Charged - ShockingBIL5100

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  • Bilstein | Part Number: S/DSHOCKINGBIL5100
  • Shock Series:5100 Series
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Hydraulic / Gas Charged :Gas Charged


Bilstein has received worldwide acclaim for quality shock absorbers that have set new industry standards. Setting high standards has always been a top priority with Bilstein and a consistent set of parameters and performance guidelines go into the development of each Bilstein shock application. Proven design technology, a superior manufacturing process and a commitment to quality control characterize the Bilstein shock absorber production process.

For serious off-road action, the right suspension is critical. Many off-roaders choose to get a suspension lift for their truck—the increased ground clearance goes a long way on rough terrain, allowing bigger tires and letting you tackle steeper hills and sharper breakover angles without fear. However, a lifted suspension needs further modifications to get the most out of it. Conventional and factory-standard truck shocks aren't going to do the trick, but 4 Wheel Parts carries the shock absorbers you need for your lifted truck.

Roughing It

Many parts of your rig—particularly the drivetrain, suspension and steering—are calibrated just right for the height it comes out of the factory at. Getting a suspension lift done means changing the geometry of various components. This can throw off your shocks' capacity for dampening vibrations or jolts. Not only does this result in a rougher ride, it also puts additional stress on your truck. You can't approach this problem with generic suspension tuning and
shock accessories however, specially designed shocks for lifted trucks are able to endure in these conditions and smooth out your ride.

Going Above and Beyond

Picking out the right shock absorbers for a lifted rig depends on the make and model of your truck, the lift kit you used and how high it was lifted. Fortunately, 4 Wheel Parts has a wide inventory of shocks to choose from. Looking for 4 inch lift shocks Chevy? Shocks for a smaller or bigger lift? A new Jeep or your old favorite Ford? You'll find them here, and our team of experts will help connect you to the ideal parts.

The Right Stuff at the Right Price

4 Wheel Parts is committed to providing the best for off-roaders: the best parts, the best brands and the best prices. With a 90 day price match guarantee across our catalog and free shipping for orders over $75, we want you to be able to give your rig what it deserves. Order today and see for yourself just what we mean.

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1.0 Order was short

The shocks are great but u only sent me two rear and not front ones.

from Fl. |
5.0 Great!!!

Fit was great. Easy install. They are definitely stiffer than stock. Ride is great while towing.

from Fort Worth Texas |
5.0 mint

Very good, improved ride quality and look freaking mint!

5.0 Billstein 5100

Great fit. Nicer ride than OEM. Good shock and ability to lift or level 0-2.5.

from Virginia |
5.0 Jeep ride

Great quality shocks and it totally changed the ride of my Jeep for the better!

from Long Beach, CA |
5.0 Bilsteins

Got 2 rears put those on and big difference from my stock shocks feels a lot smoother on the trails and lots more travel

from San Bernardino |
3.0 Slow delivery on rear shocks

The front coil assembly appears to be very nice. I have not been able to fully install due to not having received the rear shocks. Does not include the top or bottom mounting hardware. --Will update when I receive and install the rear shocks--18Feb2021

from Middletown, RI |
3.0 Bilstein 5100 ram 3500 Cummins srw

Have used bilstein in the past with very few issues

from Okotoks Alberta |



Question & Answers

1106 Answered questions

Q: I have looked everywhere, and this site is the only site that 'says' that the Bilstein 4 5100's will fit my 97 Ford F350 4x4 with a 4 inch Suspension Lift. Can your team please verify that these will fit, if they do, I will buy them. Answer this question

A: I wouldn’t believe ANY site. The best way to figure out if it’ll fit is by measuring the collapsed and extended lengths of your current shocks and match that up with new shocks

Answered by Dave from Richmond, Va on 08/31/2021

A: Call them. I just went thru it with my lifted '96 Tahoe. They will order you the correct length. For your Ford. Yes they fit. With the correct length.

Answered by R.N. from N HOLLYWOOD, CA. on 08/29/2021

Q: I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer LS 4x4 that is lifted 2.5 inches. Will these shocks fit since they're made for lifted trucks? Answer this question

A: My Excursion is lifted 2.5 inches and they work great!

Answered by Carts from Lambertville NJ on 09/21/2020

A: When you checkout 4WP will email you with questions about your specific vehicle to ensure you get the exact shocks you need. 4WP is awesome and so are the Bilsteins, great purchase

Answered by Jeffro from Stlouis on 09/17/2020

Q: Will these work on my 2014 Toyota Tundra with a 2 inch in front and a 4 inch in rear level kit Answer this question

A: Hello Brian, A correct link wasn't given/established but I think you were asking about the Bilstein 5100 shocks S/DSHOCKINGBIL5100. These kits come custom built, please call us so we can make sure we get you the right shocks you need. Especially because you have a 4" lift in rear, most likely will upgrade series of shocks of rear. Please call us at 877-474-4821. Please don't just order, may send you shocks for stock Tundra, please call. Thanks for checking us out.

Answered by Ralph from 4WP HQ on 03/22/2021

Q: Will these fit a 2015 ram 3500 dually?  Answer this question

A: The Bilstein 4 5100 Series Shocks For Most Lifted Trucks with Shock Boots, Gas Charged is a shock package that we put together in house based on what our customers need. When we sell these kits we contact you and iron out all the details to make sure you get the right shocks or you can contact our customer service center @ 877-474-4821 and speak with a rep.

Answered by Christian from 4WP HQ on 02/26/2021

Q: Will these fit a 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD with a 3” leveling kit? Answer this question

A: when ordering you supply the vehicle and lift you have they will ship the correct ones. I ordered for a Jeep TJ with 4-6" inch lift and that is what I received. I believe you will likely get the ones that fit 0-4" lift for the GMC. Bilstein tunes their shocks for the specific vehicle so I think you will be ok. I've used Bilstein on several jeeps and a GMC C5500 I've always received the correct shocks.

Answered by RCAZ from Peoria, AZ on 11/15/2020


While the ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Company began as a German enterprise, Bilstein shocks are developed and manufactured in Hamilton, Ohio. Bilstein develops and fabricates premium quality monotube shock absorbers directly for automobile manufactures, aftermarket outfits and motorsports applications. The precision and craftsmanship in manufacturing that fueled company growth in Germany were brought straight to the factory in Hamilton, Ohio. The factory includes an engineering department, rigorous shock testing facility and a motorsports track. The track allows the engineers to tweak their designs in response to real world testing during development. The rigorous testing allows for designs to go through a machine simulated life of a shock absorber in all kinds of terrain conditions. The resulting products promise the highest in performance. Shop Bilstein Now


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