Bilstein 2 5100 Series Struts and 2 5100 Series Shock Package - SHOCKINGBIL5100W-FRTSTRUT |

Bilstein 2 5100 Series Struts and 2 5100 Series Shock Package - SHOCKINGBIL5100W-FRTSTRUT

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  • Bilstein | Part Number: S/DSHOCKINGBIL5100W-FRTSTRUT
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Bilsteins 5100 Series Ride Height Adjustable Shocks are Zinc-plated shocks that install like factory replacement shocks and are designed to correct the factory nose-down rake, allowing for the use of larger wheels and tires. The OEM spring seat is repositioned to provide more preload to the factory spring. The result is a level front to rear ride height. Features include: Monotube gas pressure construction, Extremely affordable, Snap ring grooves on shock body provide up to 2.75" of front end lift (depending on application), More practical than strut extension or spring pre-load spacer kits, Offers increased wheel travel while accommodating a larger tire, Application specific design available for many popular light trucks and SUVs.

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5.0 As advertised

Put these on my 2015 Tundra. They did exactly what I wanted which was to level truck and get rid of the factory front end rake.

5.0 Great ride with these struts

I bought these and installed in the summer this year. These definitely smoothed out the ride and look good on the truck. I hated the stock ride and am glade I installed the Bilstein 5100’s. At first they were a little stiff that changed after a month or so of break in.

from Pittsburgh Pa |
Best decision
5.0 Bilstein 5100 on a 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500

Worth the buy! I asked the shop to set mine on position 3 (1 being OEM w/ 4 being highest setting). That gave me nearly 2" of front-end lift on my Chevy. It took out most of my rake, if not all of it. Front measurements before install were 35.5" from ground to the bottom of the wheel well. After install that raised it to roughly 37.5". The rear remained at 38". I also upgraded the factory P255/70R17 for a set of Toyo Open Country LT265/70R17. Almost went with a 285 series. Shop thought we could get away with it. I chickened out. Glad I did. I wanted the sidewalls at the wheel wells, not extending past them. I live in the sticks. Wanted to keep the mud and dirt in the wells. Happy with my 265's. Unbelievable difference between Bilstein's and OEM shocks / struts! Before commenting about the rear shocks being upside down, I encourage you to go to Bilstein's website and read their installation commentary. I was surprised by the boot down installation as well. Figured they knew more about what they build than I did. I would recommend having the struts professionally installed unless you are a true pro. Using these for leveling puts added pressure on the factory springs. I had a hard time getting them installed myself. Gave up and hired the pros since I was getting tires anyway. My truck is a 2018 Silverado with the LT package. It had roughly 22,000 miles on it at install. Only had the Bilstein’s for a short-time, but I do like them. Again, day and night better than the factory parts.

from Oklahoma |
5.0 Worth it! Get front installed professionally.

Night and day difference on my 2018 Tacoma. I have a 2 inch lift and an add-a-leaf. Rear was a breeze to install but I wish I had paid for the front install.

from Salt Lake City, UT |
5.0 5100’s 05 Tacoma

The value for what you get is incredible, changed the truck completely, the 2.5” lift was an added bonus paired with UCA’s fit my 285/75/16’s easily!

from Chilliwack BC |
5.0 Improved handling and clears Raptor take offs.

Big improvement in handling. The rear end doesn't step out sideways when hitting bumps anywhere near as easy, and the truck doesn't wallow in the corners any more. Set the fronts on there highest setting and put a 2" add a leaf, and that allows me to clear Raptor take offs with no rubbing.

from Iowa |
Before and after.
5.0 5100 struts and shocks

These were a great upgrade from the 4800 shocks that came stock on m 2000 4x4 Tacoma set the front struts to 2 in and it leveled my truck out perfectly and rides supe nice would highly recommend

from Southern Oregon |
4.0 Leveled and ready to launch!

I gave 4 outta 5 stars only because it made my ride stiffer on the front end. Not to bad but definitely not like stock ride.(set at max lift) overall I'm happy with purchase. My truck holds the road great and looks better being level. I don't offroad, just like going fast and so far no wheel hop which is a big bonus.

Bilstein rear shocks stock fronts


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Q: can I use the taller setting (1.75") with my stock coils on my 03 Tacoma, Prerunner, without any side affects in the longer run? If so would I need an alignment afterwards? Answer this question

A: I suggest buying after market upper control arms with any lift kit past factory. I suggest this from doing lifts with out upgrading arms. You can do it with out. But it puts alot of stress on cv axiles. Plus boots for axiles always tear or pop off. And The suspension always seems rough. I like the SPC Upper Control arms. They are mostly maintenance free other than greasing at oil changes. Theres a ton of adjustability for bigger tires and shocks. They come in a kit for around $620. Most dont like price tag, but it out ways having to replace boots, cv joints, and other out of alignment damage. Also no did drop needed on 3" lifts with them. They also have better articulation improving ride comfort. I have 3rd gen 4 runner that has 5100s on them on mid setting with SPC Upper Control Arms. Ride feels like stock. Plus alignment Is perfect no where on any parts. I also suggest sway bar extensions. Just for cornering feels less scetchy. So long answer short yes you can use, but there will be side effects. There will always be side effects changing geometry of stock and don't let anyone tell you different. I made that mistake and cost me more to fix then just getting proper suspension. I also suggest saving and buying all parts needed and doing all at once. You'll save in repairs and time in the long run

Answered by don.cool75 from Granite Falls, WA on 01/22/2021

A: Hello, a few days ago I installed the Bilstein 5100 Series shock absorbers together with a 2.5 Inch Lift Kit in my 2014 Jeep Wrangler, the handling changed in favor, the suspension feels very soft and when running it above 100 KM per hour on the road it does not lost no stability, I definitely recommend these shocks.

Answered by Anonymous from Monterrey, Mexico on 01/20/2021

A: Not sure if they will fit but after I ordered my shocks end links, bushings and brake pads ( i was down there so why not) Someone from 4WP contacted me after my order was placed which I’m glad they did because I ordered the wrong rear pads. So to answer your question if it doesn’t work for your truck they will make it right. Good luck 

Answered by BValdez from Seattle Wa on 01/20/2021

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Q: If I put these shocks on my 4Runner without new coils, can I set them to stock height and do my lift at a later time. Answer this question

A: Yes. There is a setting for stock height.

Answered by Chris66 from Del Rio Texas on 01/13/2021

A: Yes you can. I used mine on my FJ as a leveling kit. No need to replace springs. Adjusted fronts up 1 3/4” 

Answered by Jared from Mashpee, ma on 01/12/2021

A: Yes, these shocks are adjustable from 0" - 2.5" of lift, so you can set them at stock height with your stock coils and then adjust them later when you are ready to lift it.

Answered by Christian from 4WP HQ on 01/11/2021

Q: I have a 2001 tundra with Ranch quick lift struts and shocks and the ikon 1.5" AAL. Looking to raise the front a tad, but not level with the rear. Can you reccomend a coil to go with these struts? Could I reuse the springs with the Rancho struts? Thanks Answer this question

A: I just put a set of 5100 on my 06 F150 and resued the factory spring. As far as using the Ranchos, I am not 100% sure but, if they are the same as factory or similar you should be good. I have mine set to the highest setting and the front is now a tad higher than the rear and of course is more stiff. You will have to reuse the upper and lower collars also.

Answered by CAR!ramRod from AZ on 01/21/2021

A: I believe so I have these on my Tacoma,(they work  amazing for the price) and you can have them Low, or raise them up to 2.75 inches I put mine at 2.25 and makes the truck exactly level. I still have the stock coil

Answered by billy88 from Encinitas, San Diego on 01/19/2021

Q: I have a 2005 chevy silverado with a 2.5 inch torsion bar key leveling kit. Will these shocks fit? Answer this question

A: They should fit fine. I have a 3" lift and they fit on my truck.

Answered by Jase from California on 01/14/2021

A: Yes, these shocks will fit. Our shocking deals packages are built around the customers year, make, model and lift. Once the order is placed our sales team builds these packages based on your information. Please call our sales line for your shock options Toll Free: 1-877-474-4821

Answered by Christian from 4WP HQ on 01/13/2021

Q: Can I put these on my 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 that already has a 2-in leveling kit in the front? And if so will I be able to bring the front end up one more inch with the snap rings? Answer this question

A: The leveling kit will have to be removed. These shocks will give you 2.5 of lift in the front and 1” in the rear.  If you want more than that I suggest going with an actual lift kit.

Answered by Andy35 from Arkansas on 01/07/2021

A: Our shocking deals packages are built around the customers year, make, model and lift. Once the order is placed our sales team builds these packages based on your information. Please call our sales line for your shock options Toll Free: 1-877-474-4821

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 01/04/2021


While the ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Company began as a German enterprise, Bilstein shocks are developed and manufactured in Hamilton, Ohio. Bilstein develops and fabricates premium quality monotube shock absorbers directly for automobile manufactures, aftermarket outfits and motorsports applications. The precision and craftsmanship in manufacturing that fueled company growth in Germany were brought straight to the factory in Hamilton, Ohio. The factory includes an engineering department, rigorous shock testing facility and a motorsports track. The track allows the engineers to tweak their designs in response to real world testing during development. The rigorous testing allows for designs to go through a machine simulated life of a shock absorber in all kinds of terrain conditions. The resulting products promise the highest in performance. Shop Bilstein Now


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