BF Goodrich 285/70R17 Tire, All-Terrain T/A KO2 - 81501

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  • BF Goodrich Tires | Part Number: BFG81501
  • Aspect Ratio:70
  • Tire Size:285/70R17
  • Style:All-Terrain T/A KO2
  • Section Width:285
  • Tire Width:11
  • Tread Type:All Terrain
  • Tire Height:33
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Most Popular Sizes:285x70R17
  • Rim Diameter:17 Inches


The BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire has incredible sidewall strength with a three-ply polyester carcass that delivers stiffer tread area for more precise steering response, better cornering control, excellent puncture and exceptional bruise resistance. Designed to last and built to improve stress distribution, tread life and resistance to irregular wear. Maximum all-terrain traction with a dual-compound tread and ShoulderLock technology and 40 percent wider shoulder grooves help provide increased traction and control in aired-down driving situations. This tire has a bold look that transforms the appearance of any vehicle. Aggressive, high-void all-terrain tread design with a choice of distinctive raised white letters or black outline sidewall styling.

Customer Reviews

4.6 4.6
19 Customer ratings
4.0 All in one

I have had these tires on my Toyota Hilux since 6 months and had driven around 2500 km so far. I am extremely pleased with the durability and traction on dry / gravel / asphalt / rocks. It is also very quiet at the highway speeds. I was expecting to be more loud to be honest. The tire performs well under rain as well. I had a minor issue in mud and my truck was stuck however we managed to get it out after a few tries. I didn't have the chance to try on snow yet. This tire is of course not a professional mud tire but it pretty much covers everything you need and it gives you the feeling that it will last for a long time. I recommend it to any truck / SUV drivers who drive on different surfaces and who would like to have a tire for all seasons.

3.0 Loves to pick up small stones.

This tire is a great tire on many levels except one. It picks up rocks like no tire I have ever owned. I ended up pulling them off and selling the, put on a different brand. If you live on a gravel road, you will hate them. Otherwise they are great tires. Interesting that they advertise 'Rock Extractors' I think they meant Attractors!!

3.0 Wore out way to quick.

I have had BFG K01 all the way up the the current K02 on my trucks. I put a new set of these K02 on my truck and after 20,000 miles I am down to almost no tread on the rear tires and the front tires have chunks messing out of the side siphon blocks. I towed a 7500 pound travel trailer in the summer a few weekends out of the month a couple hundred miles at a time and commute 50 miles a day to work. Nothing major and they still wore the way they did. I am satisfied with how they handle but very disappointed in how long they lasted.

Response From BFGoodrich -
TBockhoff, we're sorry you have experienced this problem. We'd like to help! Our Consumer Care Team will be in touch via email. Meanwhile, you are welcome to contact us at 866-866-6605 for assistance.
5.0 2nd to none

I've bought All terrain tires for all my SUV's.I always get 1 1/2 more miles out of them than they state.Just read the tire for air pressure and adj according.I have no problems in the snow mud or wet.There not loud at all and handle quite well.

5.0 Great tire!

Bought these tires in 2015 for my Ford Expedition. I expected alot more noise when driving on the highway, but they are incredibly quiet for such a beefy tire. I have put 70k miles on them and have enough tread left for at least 1 more Northeast Ohio winter. All four tires have worn incredibly even (I rotate every oil change). I will definitely buy again!

3.0 Great winter/rock traction, weak mud and treadwear

12k miles after purchase, (2020 F250) my rear tires are easily down to 50% tread life. I don't have a 5th wheel, I just carry ATVs or a snowmobile in the back, so that seems questionable. Not sure if I want to go through the hassle of a pro-rated warranty to replace them with another soft-wearing tire. Winter traction is quite good in the Rockies, not much ice to test on but does well in both powder and packed snow. Minimal chunking from rock trails or tire spin even at highway PSI (granted, I'm not doing any heavy rock-crawling). I had some oscillation in the first 500 miles when getting up to 73-75mph on the interstate, but after a few thousand miles of break in that's disappeared and the truck is fine even at 80mph. Mud traction is a bit squirrely, and we don't have much for mud in the Rockies either. When going downhill on muddy trail chutes, expect lateral drift and wobble since you can't gun the throttle to try and fling the packed mud out. Not a major issue, but still noteworthy. Overall, if I wasn't looking at replacing the tires within 30k miles, I'd be giving these 5 stars since frankly you can't "do it all" with a single design, but this is probably one of the closest and most refined on the market to doing so.

5.0 Best A/T tire out there!!!!

I bought a set of 5 tires for my Hummer H2 overland rig thru Tire Kingdom. The tire buying experience was awful...but once everything was done I forgot about it when hitting the trail. We started the beginning of the Trans-American Trail and gravel all the way. With these tire I had loads of confidence driving up and down the mountains in NC and TN. Getting these was the best upgrade for the truck. Now the rest of the guys that were with me want a set!!!!

1.0 235/60R17

Very disappointed in these tires. I have had these tires since the first of July 2021 they were great for the first few weeks and now they have horrible road noise it sounds like a jet plane. I was on the phone with a friend and she asked if I had my windows down that is how loud they are. I have to turn the radio up loud just to hear it. They ride smooth just horrible road noise.

Response From BFGoodrich -
DEDEE, we are sorry that you are disappointed in the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2. A member of our Consumer Care Team will contact you via email to find a solution, or you can contact us at 866-866-6605 for assistance.


Question & Answers

1 Answered question

Q: What All Terrain Tires do you have to replace the 235-45-19 on my Jeep Renegade. Answer this question

A: Really any all terrain tire will work for you if you match up the same size. It depends on what brand/style you want to run.

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 05/24/2021


BFGoodrich has been in business for nearly 150 years and when the company patented its tread design for truck tires, it couldn't have foreseen how popular it would grow to be. Their reputation for using race-proven technology and extensive real-world testing makes BFGoodrich a household name in the 4x4 world. The brand is synonymous with performance, quality and durability and whether you're out on the trail or cruising the backroads, your Jeep depends on its tires. Categories range from All-Terrain to Mud-Terrain to Baja and we carry all of them and more. Shop BF Goodrich Tires Now


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