Bd Diesel Stock Exchange Injection Pump - 1050114 |

Bd Diesel Stock Exchange Injection Pump - 1050114


  • Bd Diesel | Part Number: BDD1050114
  • Fitment:Direct Fit


Strategic durable mechanical modifications to this pump produce higher pressure, which results in better atomization, instant throttle response, improved fuel economy, and up to a 100 hp gain. And, because programmers and tuners for these engine model years only modify injector pulse width and timing, they can be used in addition to the BD High Performance VP44.

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Originally launched in 1972, BD Diesel put itself on the map in 1989 with the introduction of the first exhaust brake for the growing diesel pickup truck market. The entirety of BD's designing, creating, manufacturing and distributing of their vast array of performance diesel powered applications is conducted in house at their cutting-edge facilities in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Turbochargers, injection systems and throttle controls are among the top shelf components BD manufactures for Jeeps that we carry. Boost your horsepower and increase fuel delivery to maximize efficiency with BD Diesel's standout line of products. Shop Bd Diesel Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 1991 Dodge D250 Base  
  • 1991 Dodge D350 Base  
  • 1991 Dodge W250 Base  
  • 1991 Dodge W350 Base  
  • 1990 Dodge D250 Base  
  • 1990 Dodge D350 Base  
  • 1990 Dodge W250 Base  
  • 1990 Dodge W350 Base  
  • 1989 Dodge D250 Base  
  • 1989 Dodge D350 Base  
  • 1989 Dodge W250 Base  
  • 1989 Dodge W350 Base  
  • 1988 Dodge D250 Base  
  • 1988 Dodge D350 Base  
  • 1988 Dodge W250 Base  
  • 1988 Dodge W350 Base