ARB On-Board Twin High Performance 12 Volt Air Compressor - CKMTA12 |

ARB On-Board Twin High Performance 12 Volt Air Compressor - CKMTA12

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ARB on board compressor
Providing optimum power, the ARB twin motor design delivers class-leading air flow for fast inflation purposes. Constructed of lightweight, high-strength engineering grade materials, it incorporates quality components for quiet operation and extended durability. The twin motors incorporate internal thermal protection against extreme temperature damage while a heavy duty in-line maxi fuse for each motor provides professional circuit protection. Available as either a portable kit with a 4L air tank, inflation accessories and a durable carry case or a vehicle mounted kit with associated wiring loom and mounting hardware.

There's nothing wrong with being bullish about upgrading your off-road vehicle, in fact, we encourage that at 4 Wheel Parts. This is why we offer you everything you need to give you the best performance from your vehicle, including this ARB twin compressor designed to power and control the ARB Air Lockers that can give your vehicle a serious boost when it comes to traction. You don't even have to worry about whether or not you're getting the best air compressors when you shop with us since all our parts and accessories come from brands you know and trust.

Completely Compatible

If you need a specific part or accessory to complement another part or accessory on your off-road vehicle, it can be hard to find compatible options. Lucky for you, finding an ARB twin air compressor that's compatible with your ARB Air Locker is easy when you make 4 Wheel Parts your go-to destination for all the parts you need. When you buy a part or accessory we list as compatible, you can count on it fitting like a glove.

Innovative Design

The brands we carry at 4 Wheel Parts are all about innovation, which is why these air on-board accessories feature innovative designs that put them above the competition. We're proud to carry a wide selection of parts and accessories that are ahead of the curve in terms of ingenuity.

A Better Way

Shopping can be a pain in the neck, but 4 Wheel Parts simplifies that whole process. If you're looking for an ARB dual compressor to go with your ARB Air Locker, we've got exactly what you need. Since you get a genuine ARB compressor when you shop with us, it's guaranteed to fit and perform like it was designed to. If you want the best deals on the best off-road parts and accessories, you have to shop at 4 Wheel Parts.

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5.0 This is the compressor you want!

Thr ARB CKMTA12 compressor is awesome! Makes airing back up so quick and easy. The included instructions are great and make installation is very straight forward. I paired this compressor with the 4 wheel tire inflation system from Up Down Air and the set up works flawlessly!

from CA |
Mounted in my FJ Cruiser with the blank tray from Power Trays
Using the compressor with the Up Down Air system
5.0 Great OBA compressor

Comes with nicely setup wiring harnesses and activation switch. The power supply harness is about 6' long and the actuator harness is about 10' long. I mounted this in the bed of a pickup under a metal cover. I feel it would be a little loud to use in the passenger compartment. Might be okay if you can put it behind/under stuff that will muffle the sound. Airs up 37" tires from 15psi to 32psi in less than 2 minutes per tire. Can't wait to get an air tank so I can use this compressor for more things. Seems like it will work great. Only complaint would be that it doesn't come with any type of air fitting, just an 1/4"NPT port. Not a big deal and I knew this was the case before I bought it. I mention it more as heads up for future buyers that you will need to plan on at least buying an air coupler with 1/4"NPT male end. I opted for the ARB Inflation Accessory Kit. No regrets with this product.

from Colorado |
5.0 Great Compressor

Fills my 35's quick, runs my impact & air ratchet. Great unit.

from Victorville |
5.0 the alpha and the omega of compressors

this compressor is for those who want the very best of what is offered. for the size, it is a beast. it will fill up my 35s in under a minute and a half without a tank, with a tank it takes a minute from 5 to 35 psi. mind blown with how awesome it works. it is a little large for under the hood of a jeep, but fits perfectly under the seat of an XJ. It is quiet, high output, beast looking, and you can snorkel it for all your underwater applications.

from Houston, TX |
5.0 ARB Twin Compressor is fast!!!

At first I hesitated buying the ARB Twin Compressor as I had one of their first compressors, around 1997, which was slow and broke down shortly afer the warranty ran out. But after looking at the Twin Compressor I liked the quality of construction, the mid range amperage draw,the quality of the electrical connections, and that it comes with the complete wiring harness that runs from the compressor to the dash swiches. Install was very easy, the only part that took some thinking was where I was going to make a hole in the firewall to pass the harness through. I mounted the compressor in the engine bay (95 Wrangler) on the passenger side. It's plumbed to a 2.5 gallaon air tank and the compressor comes with a pressure switch that closes at 135 psi and opens at 150 psi. I have 31X1050 mud terrains on my Jeep and from 0 psi to 32 psi, the compressor was able to fill the tire to 32 psi in exactly 1 minute and 5 seconds. The outside temperature was 68F degrees and the elevation is 300 ft. I'm very impressed and pleased with this twin compressor setup. The included wiring harness made installation a breeze. ARB has winner in their twin compressor offering. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

from Everett, WA |


Question & Answers

7 Answered questions

Will this mount under a hood of a chevy colorado? And can it air up 37 inch tires and run airtools?

Asked by sasquatch from newfoundland canada on

Hello sasquatch, Yes, this will mount under the hood of your vehicle. It can air up 37" tires. To run air tools will require adding a minimum of a 1.5 gallon air tank. Thank you for the question.

Answered by from newfoundland canada on

What is the max PSI output?

Asked by Marc from on

Hello The safety cut off switch is set at 150 psi that is the max it will go up to.

Answered by Rody from on

How loud is the compressor? Too loud to be mounted behind the back seat of a mega cab?

Asked by dm357 from Colorado on

Thanks for the inquiry dm357, the ARB 4x4 Accessories Twin Air Compressor part # ARBCKMTA12 is much better on mounting under the hood or along the frame, it is a little noisy for inside a cab.

Answered by from Colorado on

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