ARB High Performance On-Board Compressor for ARB Air Lockers - CKMA12 |

ARB High Performance On-Board Compressor for ARB Air Lockers - CKMA12

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The ARB Air Compressor is an integral component of the air locker system. The ARB Compressor Kit is designed to operate single as well as a dual (front and rear) locker system. Not only will it enable the ARB lockers to work but it is also capable of supplying air pressure for other occasions, such as refilling a low tire. This air compressor features a die cast aluminum storage tank, oil-less operation and the highest air delivery capacity of all the mid-price range compressors (100 psi) setting on cut off switch. The ARB Air Compressor Kit contains a pre-assembled compressor, mounting clamp, backing plate, pressure switch, wire loom and all the mounting hardware. Current draw of 9 amps during no load, 20 amps for full load.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as having a vehicle that performs above the rest when it comes to off-road riding, but that means you have to invest some time and money. ARB Air Lockers are a great way to give your vehicle more traction when it comes to off-road riding, but you need to make sure you have an ARB air compressor to accompany it. These air compressors are designed with a full seal to resist moisture and dust so they can keep your ARB Air Lockers up and running for a long time to come.

An Added Boost

When it comes to changing the performance of your off-road vehicle, sometimes it can be hard to make a big difference. However, ARB Air Lockers can give you a noticeable difference in terms of traction as long as you have the right ARB compressor accompanying them. 4 Wheel Parts is big on making sure every off-road fanatic has access to the parts and accessories they need, which is why we offer a great selection of compressors to go alongside your ARB Air Lockers.

Simplicity Embodied

If you're looking for the easiest maintenance, you can't go wrong with an ARB air compressor kit from 4 Wheel Parts. These air compressors are designed to be virtually maintenance free, which means you don't have to worry about constantly cleaning the compressor or checking for problems when you buy >air accessories from us.

An Easy Solution

Traction is a big deal when it comes to off-road riding, so finding ways to improve traction is important. At 4 Wheel Parts, we do our best to offer you a range of parts and accessories to help with that, as well as things like air compressors to make sure those parts work right. If you're looking for a great deal on a performance upgrade, make 4 Wheel Parts your one-stop shop.

Customer Reviews

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25 Customer ratings
5.0 Small package, big bang

Great air output for such a small compressor. Highly recommended.

from Red Lion, PA |
5.0 Nice kit

This compressor part number comes with a wiring harness for the compressor and two lockers from battery to compressor to dashboard. The lockers come with their own switches and valves. The major parts of the compressor can be rotated about the axis of the motor to allow easier configuration for the space available. Everything seems substantially made, heavy, well labelled, and good directions.

from Bluegrass |
5.0 Purchased for airing up tires

Having a very small 4x4 this compressor inflates my tires extremely fast. Guessing approx 15-30 sec/tire from 26 psi for fast off road driving to 40psi for hwy driving. I have very small volume tires compared to most 4x4's however. We have the same compressor on our work vehicles and it will do a 265/75-16 in approx 2-3 min/per tire from 15 psi to 36 psi. If you have a larger vehicle that requires higher pressures and have larger tires I would recommend the dual compressor if you have the budget for it. This compressor could still do it w/o any problems I'm sure, it would just take awhile to get say a 285/75-16 up to 80 psi from 15 psi for example. This is still very very much faster than any cigarette lighter operated compressor and you won't regret getting it.

from Alice Springs Australia |


Question & Answers

15 Answered questions

Q: I currently use this compressor for my rear lockers.  Can I also use it to air up and what would be needed for that. Answer this question

A: The ARBCKMA12 can run 2 air lockers and it puts out enough volume to pump up tires. The ARB Pump Up Kit is ARB171302.

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 04/27/2021

Q: Can i run this to a 2.5 gallon air tank as well as use it for a front ARB locker? Answer this question

A: Yes, but we recommend using a manifold kit (Part# 171503) with it, so you can output the air separately to the locker and the air tank.

Answered by Christian from 4WP HQ on 02/23/2021

Q: What kind of connector comes with this model?  Is it proprietary? Answer this question

A: The wiring uses a "T" connector. We include a harness that will attach to that.

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 10/16/2020

Q: According to ARB this compressor has a 50% duty cycle (30 min on, 30 min off). Is that automatically controlled, or does the user have to comply with the duty cycle rating? If I left the switch on would the compressor cycle on/off to prevent damage? Answer this question

A: Hello It depends on what you are using it for. If you are running ARB air lockers it will cycle on its own every few minutes. There is also a pressure switch that turns it on and off at maximum PSI. Thanks

Answered by Rody on 08/22/2015

Q: Can i use the Heavy-Duty Air Compressor along ARBCKMA12 with my AirLift LOAD LIFTER 5000 Air Bags AIR88230? Can yo please send me any literature. [email protected] Answer this question

A: Hello Armando, Yes, the ARB 4x4 Accessories Heavy-duty Air Compressor for ARB Air Lockers ARBCKMA12 will work with the AirLift LOAD LIFTER 5000 Air Bags AIR88230. Thank you.

Answered by RK on 05/01/2015


ARB has been manufacturing 4x4 parts for over 40 years. ARB Air Lockers will amplify the traction of your 4x4 on challenging trails. They give the off-road driver what she needs in traction, control and performance. ARB believes in its products so it offers a five year, unlimited mile warranty across the air locker range. ARB 4x4 Accessories includes the suspension system brand Old Man Emu, maker of premium off-road shock absorbers. Old Man Emu premium shocks are developed and tuned specifically for each vehicle application. They come complete with vehicle specific mounting kits for fuss free installation. ARB parts are all developed, engineered and fabricated in-house in Australia. Shop ARB 4x4 Accessories Now