Alpine PSU-300FRN -Sound System Upgrade for Toyota 4-Runner -

Alpine 300-Watt Powered System Upgrade for Toyota 4-Runner - PSU-300FRN

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  • Alpine | Part Number: ALPPSU-300FRN
  • Location:Front
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Size:8 Inches


Alpine 300-Watt Powered System Upgrade for Toyota 4-Runner

Somedays you cruise down the highway, other days you crawl along your commute. While anything from traffic jams to inclement weather can impact your daily drive, having the ideal soundtrack is often key to transforming an ordinary trip into an inspiring adventure. When your Toyota 4-Runner’s radio is sub-standard, it’s hard to enjoy the jams you love. The solution? 4WheelParts offers just the right Toyota 4Runner stereo upgrade and aftermarket audio equipment to boost your tunes to the next level. The Alpine 300-Watt Powered System Upgrade for Toyota 4-Runner is the right subwoofer and amplifier to form the backbone of your new favorite audio zone.


Have you been considering an upgrade, but weren’t sure if it would be too much work to get the new system working correctly? This alpine subwoofer system takes care of the hard work by settling the 8-inch subwoofer into a conveniently-sized harness and bracket that screw onto the underside of the passenger seat of your 4Runner. The control knob functions wirelessly and can be easily installed on the dashboard, so you can conveniently control the bass boost for each new tune. The system also includes a 4 channel amplifier, so you can tweak the sound from many angles to get everything just right.

Every part is guaranteed to fit into any Toyota 4Runner from 2010 or newer without hassle. Whether you’re up to plugging in and bolting on all the parts yourself, or you’d prefer to rely on a helpful mechanic at your local 4WheelParts store, the installation can be completed within a few hours.


The subwoofer measures 8 inches wide and 3 inches deep, so it can nestle conveniently into just about any vehicle. It comes installed in a mounting bracket that is designed for Toyota 4Runner. It plugs into just about any Toyota sound system except the optional factory amplified sound system.

The cords match with basic radios and many aftermarket systems. The PSU-300FRN runs on 45W x 4 + 120W RMS system power and has a whopping 300W for maximum sound quality. Whether you want to broadcast your favorite tunes to everyone around you or if you just want to be able to hear the latest podcast clearly, this system has the power and quality to make any sound ring more clearly.

Getting the Beats

Looking for a complete listening experience for your daily commute? Start with the depth of sound that is only available with a 4Runner subwoofer so you can fine-tune the bass of your favorite songs. Upgrade your truck speakers to ensure crisp quality and clear annunciation on every note. Perhaps you’d prefer to skip the individual pieces and just install one of the great Alpine sound systems available at 4WheelParts. Whatever your vehicle needs in order to blast the sound quality you want can be found right here at value pricing every time.

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