Alloy USA Locking Hub (Polished Aluminum) - 15001.67


  • Alloy USA | Part Number: ALY15001.67
  • Spline:23 Splines
  • Finish:Polished Aluminum
  • Knob Material:Nylon
  • Fitment:Direct Fit


Approved as original equipment by vehicle manufacturers and militaries world wide, these tough hubs are built to last. A hardened nylon center is used instead of metal to keep you moving in the rare case of a hub failure. The only way to repair it is to replace it. The question is, with what? Factory automatic hubs have a history of failing when you need them most. A damaged hub will render your 4x4 useless and leave you stranded. Wish you could swap your venerable automatic hubs to a set of manual locking hubs? Alloy USA has heard your plea and their Manual Locking Hubs are unanimously recognized as the world's toughest hubs by their thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Brute strength matters, that is why the bodies of their hubs are crafted from impact resistant nodular iron, and feature a corrosion resistant die cast aluminum cap. Their hubs deliver better 4WD performance when locked and improved fuel economy in 2WD when unlocked, than automatic hubs. Purchasing a set a premium manual hubs is more cost effective than servicing your worn factory hubs. With the money you save, you'll be able to carry a spare set, not that you'll need them. Sure you have to get out of the cab to lock the hubs, but unlike automatic hubs you won't have to wait until you lose traction for your four-wheel drive to engage.

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I will be converting a 1988 Ford Ranger 2.9L with automatic lockout hubs to manual operation. Will this locking hub require an installation kit or will it bolt on as it comes???? Thank you, Hank

Asked by Hank from on

Hello If you are taking of auto hub's then you do need the nut kit to make it work.

Answered by Rody from on


As an Omix-ADA brand, Alloy USA specializes in manufacturing high performance drivetrains, axle shafts and kits and performance ring and pinion sets. The company's 20+ years of experience in aftermarket performance products makes Alloy USA an ally of off-road enthusiasts interested in running heavy-duty components that go the distance. Alloy's replacement parts for Jeep applications have a well-deserved reputation for blending state-of-the-art technology with durability at affordable costs. Among the Alloy USA products 4WD carries are wheel spacers, ring and pinions and installation kits and replacement axle shafts and they are all extremely durable to withstand duress on the trail and to be compatible with oversized tires. Shop Alloy USA Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 1989 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer  
  • 1989 Ford Bronco II XL  
  • 1989 Ford Bronco II XL Sport  
  • 1989 Ford Bronco II XLT  
  • 1989 Ford Bronco II XLT Plus  
  • 1989 Ford Ranger Custom  
  • 1989 Ford Ranger GT  
  • 1989 Ford Ranger S  
  • 1989 Ford Ranger STX  
  • 1989 Ford Ranger XLT  
  • 1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer  
  • 1988 Ford Bronco II XL  
  • 1988 Ford Bronco II XL Sport  
  • 1988 Ford Bronco II XLT  
  • 1988 Ford Ranger Custom  
  • 1988 Ford Ranger S  
  • 1988 Ford Ranger STX  
  • 1988 Ford Ranger XLT  
  • 1988 Ford Ranger GT  
  • 1987 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer  
  • 1987 Ford Bronco II XL  
  • 1987 Ford Bronco II XLT  
  • 1987 Ford Ranger Custom  
  • 1987 Ford Ranger S  
  • 1987 Ford Ranger STX  
  • 1987 Ford Ranger XLT  
  • 1986 Ford Bronco II Base  
  • 1986 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer  
  • 1986 Ford Bronco II XLT  
  • 1986 Ford Ranger Base  
  • 1986 Ford Ranger S  
  • 1986 Ford Ranger STX  
  • 1986 Ford Ranger XL  
  • 1986 Ford Ranger XLT  
  • 1985 Ford Bronco II Base  
  • 1985 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer  
  • 1985 Ford Bronco II XLS  
  • 1985 Ford Bronco II XLT  
  • 1985 Ford Ranger Base  
  • 1985 Ford Ranger XL  
  • 1985 Ford Ranger XLS  
  • 1985 Ford Ranger XLT  
  • 1984 Ford Bronco II Base  
  • 1984 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer  
  • 1984 Ford Bronco II XLS  
  • 1984 Ford Bronco II XLT  
  • 1984 Ford Ranger S  
  • 1984 Ford Ranger XL  
  • 1984 Ford Ranger XLS  
  • 1984 Ford Ranger XLT  
  • 1983 Ford Ranger Base  
  • 1983 Ford Ranger XL  
  • 1983 Ford Ranger XLS  
  • 1983 Ford Ranger XLT  


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